Monday, October 16, 2006

More on Converge South

More on Converge South
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Converge South was held last weekend at Rev. Jesse Jackson's alma mater North Carolina A & T University , Greensboro, N.C. There was a barbeque held at the home of Greensboro blogger Dave Hoggard on Friday night, and I regret to say I couldn't make it. I heard it was a lot of fun and that a lot of new blogging relationships were formed. One new blogging relationship mentioned by Robert Scoble at the Conference on Saturday was forged between himself and Greensboro's colorful and talented character Billy the Blogging Poet. I wasn't in attendance because I was with fellow American Street blogger Anonymoses at a political (NC District Eight) rally in Concord, N.C. where Democractic Congressional candidate Larry Kissell and Senator John Edwards spoke to an enthusiastic crowd from the back of a pick-up truck. We were also invited to meet Senator Edwards before the rally. (See photos below).

ELizabeth Edwards and Ed Cone at Converge South 2006

I attended the conference on Saturday where Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former Senator and 2004 VP candidate John Edwards, led an excellent early-morning discussion about community-building on the web. The net-savvy Mrs. Edwards has established a great rapport with bloggers simply by being one of them.

Elizabeth Edwards at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Charlotte NC

I had seen Mrs. Edwards speak three days earlier at Joseph Beth Booksellers in Charlotte, N.C. about her best-selling book "Saving Graces," and I found the theme underlying her book to flow seamlessly with the topic of her Converge South session. There are many ways the internet has already easily facilitated community-building, and both continued and new methods and motivations for building new associations on the web were covered well by Mrs. Edwards and the Converge participants.

Robert and Maryam Scoble offer 10 ways to write a "killer blog".

The vibrant (and married) blogging couple Robert and Maryam Scoble (who maintain separate blogs, both unique in their own right) led a 10-step session (which actually grew to what turned out to be 15 steps) on how to write a "killer blog". Anton Zuiker has a great summary of those steps.