Friday, September 09, 2005

Dick Gets A Taste

Dick Gets A Taste


Haven't heard it much before?
Expect to hear it a whole lot more.
That phrase that got under your skin
That taste of your own medicine.

You struggled for some wit to say
Your withered brain ripe with decay.
"How to hit Kerry?", you thought, ol' son,
We guess you forgot, last election day you won.

See this great cartoon

Bye Bye Brownie

Bye Bye Brownie
Sing to the tune of Bye Bye Blackbird

Shoo op, shoo op
Shoo op, shoo op

Pack up all your care and woe
Here we go, singing low
Bye bye Brownie

Where somebody gets a crew
To do the job you could not do,
Bye bye Brownie

Everyone did not appreciate you
Lou-siana served to just deflate you
Make your way to the door
We don't need you anymore
Brownie, bye bye...

Ah but you did a heck of a job, Brownie...