Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Wes Clark blog

Wesley Clark: 'Big Blog' Debut

See the Clark Community Network for more information.

Gen Clark claims the "internet made him do it" ( run for Prez, that is :)

I'd like to see Clark and Dean ( and their campaigns) limit a lot of future squabbling and run together.
What a marvelous team they'd make.

Molly Ivins -Call Me a Bush-Hater

Molly Ivins Proudly Invites You To: "Call Me a Bush-Hater"

"....Among the more amusing cluckings from the right lately is their appalled discovery that quite a few Americans actually think George W. Bush is a terrible President...."


".....Poor Bush is in way over his head, and the country is in bad shape because of his stupid economic policies.
If that makes me a Bush-hater, then sign me up...."


Art Zimmer-Farmboy Turned Millionaire

ART ZIMMER- Central New York Resident Finds Success His Own Way

Farmboy Turns Into Millionaire
Published: November 12, 2003

Mr. Zimmer is owner of the Syracuse New Times, one of the best alterative newspapers in America.
Read his story.

AFSCME Backs Howard Dean for President

AFSCME Backs Howard Dean for President


War on Terror taking wrong turns

US Senate backs Syria sanctions

After Iraq, I would have hoped the Senate would know better than to give unbridled authority
to the already-proven untrustworthy Bush administration.
Damn if they haven't done it again.

We are taking the wrong path.
Cutting off our own noses to spite our American faces.
Blowing an opportunity for cooperation and creating a resentful and hungry people instead.
When the hell will we learn?

In 2002, Syria provided the United States with much information on potential terrorist attacks and was one of the CIA's most effective intelligence allies in the fight against al-Qaeda. The hawks of the Bush Administration are willing to
shut down this major channel of information... even though al-Qaeda remains a serious threat.
CIA Director George Tenet has allegedly fought a losing battle to keep Syria as an intelligence source against
members of the Bush Administration who'd obviously prefer confrontation with Damascus over help against al-Qaeda. Bottom line, they regard Syria as a problem because of its support for Hezbollah, the organization that forced
Israel out of southern Lebanon.
Yet they will likely come out the loser for it when it comes to stopping al-Qaeda.
And our Senate are willing to let them do questions asked.

The vote was 89-4.
Senators Byrd, Jeffords, Chaffee, Enzi were the only ones with brains and guts enough to dissent.

Read Seymour Hersch's New Yorker piece titled "The Syrian Bet" for more information.

Jack Straw is breaking ranks with us over Iran.

Seventeen Italian soldiers have died in Nasiriyah. I'm certain this will affect Italian resolve regardless of
what Berlusconi is saying this morning.

Bremer's probably on his way out of his position and the UN and Red Cross have scattered and gone from Iraq. General Sanchez is realistically telling us it's bad..he's worried.

I fear the policies of the Bush administration are not taking us toward any meaningful resolution anywhere in
the Middle East. Just the opposite, matter of fact. Seeing the good organizations of the world fall away from
Iraq while even Britain is beginning to distance themselves from Bush on Iran is not a good indicator of a war
that is going well.