Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mort Kondracke Compares Fallen Hero's Mom to Mullah Robertson

Mort Kondracke Compares Fallen Hero's Mom to Mullah Robertson

Mort Kondracke had the nerve to compare this cowardly, hypocrital, nutcase-chickenhawk to the mother of a fallen American hero today on Brit Hume's Fox News show panel.

His words: "Cindy Sheehan, meet Pat Robertson."

All I can say is: What a stupid and insulting demagogue Mort Kondracke sounded like today. This is the same Mort Kondracke who said about Zell Miller at last year's RNC convention,
"Miller went over the line into demagoguery by accusing the Democrats of defaming American troops."
Demagogy bleeds from Kondracke's moral relativism in which he attempts to draw an unequivocal connection between Pat Robertson and Mrs. Sheehan, in terms of their "outrageous statements".

Robertson wants someone murdered.
Mrs. Sheehan wants to know WHY her son, a war hero, was murdered.

"Mort Kondracke, meet Zell Miller."
Mort seems to want to be the Zell Miller of cable news journalism.

He has sunk about as low as you can go. (Almost as low as Robertson himself). Perhaps the job at Fox News has washed away a good chunk of his common sense. Maybe he's gotten into Brit Hume's bottle of hair dye and it's permeated his brain and left him tetched.


Pat Robertson's call for American agents to assassinate President Hugo Chavez is a "terrorist" statement that needs to be investigated by U.S. authorities, Venezuela said Tuesday. [Yahoo News]

Moog Dies in Asheville

Moog Dies in Asheville

Anonymoses has a blogpost about the life and death of Robert A. Moog, who died at his home in Asheville, N.C.

Inspired by the genius of Mr. Moog, I have memories of my father, who was an electrical engineer and a musician, building his own synthesizer at my family's dining room table back in the early '70s - and my mother asking the daily question, "When are you going to get that thing done?"

My heartfelt sympathies to his wife, Ileana; his children, Laura Moog Lanier, Matthew Moog, Michelle Moog-Koussa and Renee Moog; a stepdaughter, Miranda Richmond; and his former wife, Shireleigh Moog.

Bryan Preston Calls 70% of America "the Enemy"

Bryan Preston Calls 70% of America "the Enemy"

70% of Americans are questioning whatever the hell it is we are doing in Iraq today...and what the pre-war secular government of Iraq ever had to do with the bin Ladenism.

Bryan Preston, a guest blogger at Michelle Malkin's website today, send kisses and flowers to David Frum, saying that: "... our war premise had the effect of leaving us vulnerable to any flimsy charge either the caliphascist enemy or the anti-American agitators in the West could throw at us."

Note that Preston uses "us", "our", etc, as if Americans who disagree with his version of the two popular war narratives are "the enemy" themselves.

The repeated and haughty categorization of Americans who question our purpose in Iraq as "anti-American agitators", whom he lumps in with the "caliphascists", is nothing but disgusting.

Mr. Preston may feel strongly about his beliefs, but he'd best understand that he lives in a nation where over half the free and democratic citizens have doubts.

When he points a finger at them and cries "anti-American", he looks like a fool who severely regrets that they are exercising their right to say what they honestly feel.

While I encourage Mr. Preston to state his beliefs, I totally condemn him when he accuses fellow Americans of betrayal.

His biggest break from reality is when he says "We premised this war not so much on a nation's right of self-defense as on our moral superiority over the enemy."

Interesting use of the word "we". I think, for a reality check, Mr. Preston should take a good, hard look at the President's speech to the nation on March 17, 2003 - less than 48 hours before the Iraq war began.

I saw this line from one of Mr. Preston's writings:
"The left has argued--in complete bad faith--that President Bush said Saddam already was an imminent threat, then used the lack of major WMD stashes to somehow "prove" that Bush was lying about the whole thing."
Complete bad faith? Dear God, what is Mr. Preston thinking? The war was advocated as necessary, in its pre-eminent nature, because Saddam Hussein posed an imminent threat to our national security. It was pressed into the American public's psyche, day in/ day out in the lead-up to the war; in an unmistakable political hardball-style; by the Bush administration.

The took a risk with intelligence they knew was shaky and controversial.
They turned out to be dead wrong.

Now Mr. Preston suggests it is "in bad faith" that we mention it? That is insane.

We are all Americans, and until Mr. Preston respectfully speaks to all Americans with something logical that reaches their hearts and minds, he will be seen as a polarizing and repulsive force - even if his intentions are in good faith.