Monday, March 13, 2006

Feingold Censure: Will Democrats Stand For Law Breaking?

Feingold Censure: Will Democrats Stand For Law Breaking?

George Clooney is swearing about meek Democrats. (see "I am A Liberal - There, I Said It!" - and great, but what took you so long, George?) Update: [Sheesh - Clooney didn't even write it as presented on HuffPo.]

Molly Ivins is cussing about them too.

Senator Russ Feingold gave Bush a much-needed "what for" yesterday, offering his resolution for censure of Bush on the NSA wiretapping issue.

I suspect that Clooney and Ivins will be disgusted to learn that the Democratic establishment fears the party may appear "extremist" because of Senator Feingold's resolution. If they back away from Senator Feingold now, they'll look like people with no conviction or willingness to protect the People they have sworn to represent. The idea of our President deciding that it's perfectly fine to ignore any standing law and cover his ass later on - and getting away with it time after time - is a frightening thought for those who carefully tend the gardens of democracy.

Senator Feingold is one of those careful garden-tenders. I think that he made a world of common sense yesterday. He made his case strongly, making it clear that the President broke the law - plain and simple. Bush has a pattern of breaking the law, then having his administration and rubber-stamper Republicans fold in behind him to stare down his crevasse of lies and come up with a new law to fill in the deep cracks. That is absolutely anti-American and Senator Feingold was correct in his final lines about the terrorists winning if we allow anyone - even a President - to break the law.

Americans are shaky on Bush. We don't "just trust him." He's f**ked up on Iraq after rushing headlong into it and lying us into it. He's been caught covering for his errors so many times that his lack of humility, forthrightness, and truth-telling doesn't even shock us like it used to. If we lived in a nation of dolts, we would likely be happy to have Bush as our Dolt King. But we're not dolts - and we know what the king of the dolts has done.

When the shock wears off and you get used to your President saying "Screw you, I'm President" to the rule of law one too many times, you know it's time to censure the man. He's not a King. We have a system of government that has not changed in over 200 years. Bush is a deviant and it must be pointed out.

Russ Feingold knows it. Why don't his Democratic colleagues? Their shying away from the Censure is just as dishonest, to my way of thinking, as George W. Bush when he fails to account for his law-breaking. I thought the Democrats showed extreme cowardice when they backed away from Senator Feingold on his concerns about the Patriot Act. When the Democrats decide to go numb to please the mainstream media, they will also have a numbing effect on people who are looking for ethical and rule-abiding leaders. If they believe they are scoring points with moderate voters by abandoning what is right and just, they are sadly mistaken. They lose much respect from American citizens every time they fail to take a unified stand.

You've got lobbyist-pampered Republicans like Sallie Mae's favorite puppet John Boehner calling Senator Feingold's words on the Senate floor yesterday "political grandstanding of the very worst kind." Senator Feingold doesn't strike most Americans that way. I believe that most people in tune with politics see Senator Feingold as a fairly quiet person of reason and common sense, which is why so many ears perk up when he gets up to speak.

For those Americans who are not in tune with politics, they heard next to nothing about Senator Feingold's Resolution on the nightly news last night. Will Democrats leave Senator Feingold swinging in the breeze again? If that's what they have decided, my respect for them as individuals have dropped down the shaft.

Give us an ethical, moral, principled leader who not only can create a spirit of unity in the party, but will stand by his or her convictions with humble demeanor and firm, convincing reason - along with a swift readiness and ability to defend him/herself from the daggers of political attacks. As things stand today, I'm wondering if there is one Democrat in all of Washington, D.C. that I would stand behind with the utmost confidence that they were that kind of leader.

Looking into the halls of D.C., Russ Feingold is about as close as it comes.

And I'm no extremist.


UPDATE: Senator Feingold Calls Silent Democrats Cowards [Think Progress]

Anonymoses predicts that "Censure parties" will erupt around the world.
Carte Blanche parties can spring up all over Jesusland, and the money can be used to stuff into the mouths of Chris Matthews and Rush Limbaugh.
Screwy Hoolie has a simple task for you to complete:
If we don't stand up for our Constitutional values, then no one else will. Russ Feingold is doing what we asked. Now it's our turn to take part in our democracy. As we're seeing with the plan to sell off our National Forests, public pressure can turn the most hard-hearted conservatives into servants of the progressive movement. Go ahead and make the call or write the letter. Then tell your friends to do the same.

Just keep banging away at them until they buckle, Senator Feingold. Scrutiny Hooligans salute you.
Iddybud salutes you, too, Senator Feingold.

Here's an easy way to let your Representatives know. While most politicians sat back and weighed the political pros and cons of holding the president accountable, Senator Feingold stuck his neck out and did it. Now it's up to us to show broad public support. Can you sign this petition asking Congress to join the call for censure?