Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Chuck Hagel

Abrogate: to treat as nonexistent
Function: verb
Synonyms: abolish, abate, annihilate, annul, invalidate, negate, nullify, quash, undo, vitiate

"When the security of this nation is threatened, Congress and the American people give the president great latitude," We probably have given this president more flexibility, more latitude, more range, unquestioned, than any president since Franklin Roosevelt -- probably too much. The Congress, in my opinion, really abrogated much of its responsibility."

Senator Chuck Hagel R-Nebraska
Oct 20- in a speech at the Gallup Organization World Conference in Omaha.



The Bush administraion worries that its military action in Iraq will lose support once the public sees the remains of U.S. soldiers arriving at air bases in flag-draped caskets.
Their solution?
Cutting off the public from the images by banning media coverage and photography of non-living soldiers' homecomings on all military bases.

It's legal to censor this type of coverage..so Bush is within his rights...though
our respect for Bush as an enabling leader of a free society is greatly diminished.

Politics and propaganda before honoring the beloved dead..that's what politics is all about.
Censorship of the honorable ceremony for the war-dead is a dirty warmongerer's tactic.
Bush is plainly a born-again Christian leader fighting the Islamic fundamentalist world.
This is a holy war, no matter how they try to label it.

The attacks on 9-11 were facilitated and funded by the weak and terrorist-bribing Saudi Arabian government.
Bush has protected them for reasons we do not understand....no reason could make good sense.

He sends our men and women to face death while lying about the reasons for being there.
He prefers all of us to ignore the maimed and the dead.
He enables corrupt regimes to go on...unscathed.

Some of us may not see it with our eyes...but we do not deny the reality because we know it in our hearts.

Decent and caring Americans like Jeff Horton of Stoughton, Wisconsin understand.

In the most recent Zogby poll, more Americans disapprove than approve of Bush's performance.

I can just imagine how those numbers would tank to the depths of poll-hell if Americans were allowed just a glimpse of what is really happening.

Shame on you, Bush!