Thursday, August 21, 2003

AISH.Com: It's Time To Get Angry

by Jeffrey Dunetz

Mr. Dunetz does a good job of explaining why we need to develop a better sense of moral conscience and clarity now..and see, with the veil fully lifted,
the need for intelligent and prompt action by our own U.S. government. The veil seems to be covering the minds of our own citizenry..and our own U.S. Representatives. Dear God...what has happened to our common sense of decency? These are very real and totally innocent people dying almost every day since the Intifada began. It hurts to think of what could have been resolved by now, had we all..each one of us... listened to our conscience and demanded action.
It's not too late. Write to your Representatives today...use your heart along with your head. Are those images on your FOX and CNN screens not striking you as real? How is it that we have become so dulled to the pain of others?


"..One of the people my anger is directed at is the guy on the radio. He just described the bombing that targeted so many innocent children as part of the cycle of violence. I am upset because he equated Israel's killing of a terrorist to the blowing up of a busload of civilians who were going home from their evening prayers, as if there was no moral difference..."

It's also time to get more balanced moral clarity on the Progressive front.
Anything other than moral honesty and fairness will only prolong the nightmare.
Or: Honestly, kids...Wouldn't YOU build a fence if your neighbor wished you blown to bits?

One additional point regarding American politics:
I believe there is a confusion with some on the left in American politics as well as in the American media. I concur with many progessive political beliefs, but I don't believe the Israel plight gets a fair moral shake by today's "progressive". I'm definitely no FOX News fan..I think they are horribly biased...biased to great fault. Yet I see confusion there and everywhere in the media about the most important and volatile conflict in this world. If there is ever going to be a peace settlement while duly protecting innocent lives in both Israel and Palestine, we must realize that politicians like Howard Dean are not left-wing radicals.
Far from it--those who employ true terror are possibly more intimidated by the political rise of Howard Dean than they are by Bush. Howard Dean is not going to be able to be pinned down to these ignorant-yet-neat categorizations by the U.S. press. Howard Dean would be the best candidate for finding a solution to this dreadful problem. I believe he would pay far more than lip service.
An example of angst surrounding an emerging candidate who sees through the grey areas and would concentrate on an end to true terror can be found
here at an Al Jazeerah site.

If you see the media misrepresenting Howard Dean, let them know immediately. This could be the man who finally understands the priorities of those with moral conscience and who finally understands what needs to be done for the true protection of the innocent.

Yes--I am repulsed in knowing that a young idealistic American woman, Rachel Corrie, was run over by an Israeli tank. Her story was never sensationalized by the American media..not like the sordid tale of Gary Condit. Does this not also make you angry? A lack of media-focus on all these issues is shows us Americans as callous and uncaring, easily-distracted boobs.

I appeal to all who read this: Let media and your government know you are not this uncaring.