Sunday, November 16, 2003

Next Election: Bush must go; Blair must go

Bush must go; Blair must go-
Guardian Editorial Shows Intelligent Support for the Sane in America


"...The difference between how Bush and his administration perceive the world and almost everybody else experiences it would be comic if the consequences were not so tragic."

"...We did not elect Bush (it is a moot point whether anybody did) and can do little about him but hope that the Democrats get it together to beat him next year."

"....We have shown that we can get mad; we have yet to show that we can get even. This is a global problem, not a local one. The vast majority of humanity did not want this war to happen, and it happened anyway. Even in those countries that are prosecuting it, including America, opinion polls showed that most were opposed to military action without UN approval."

"....If that were not bad enough we now know that in order to gain even minority support they had to lie about weapons that do not exist, using intelligence that could not be trusted. So we have a war we did not want, led by people we can no longer believe. And yet it remains to be seen whether anyone will be held accountable or forced to pay an electoral price."

"...there is little confusion in the American anti-war movement about whom the enemy is and what needs to be done about him. Their protests are having real consequences in the Democratic race for the presidential nomination, where anti-war candidates are making all the running and lifted the level of debate to a far higher level than we are currently seeing in the Labour party.

"....This is what makes the charges that the demonstrations are anti-American as ridiculous as they are predictable.

Americans are not the problem: Bush is."

"....Bush is not synonymous with America any more than Blair is synonymous with Britain. We can make Bush uncomfortable; it is only Blair we can make unemployed."