Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mehlman Gets it Wrong on ABC

Mehlman Gets it Wrong on ABC

Ken Mehlman, speaking his usual nonsense for his Republican party, is trying to convince us that Senator Hillary Clinton "seems to have a lot of anger" and voters usually do not send angry candidates to the White House. Appearing on ABC's This Week, he said, "When you think of the level of anger, I'm not sure it's what Americans want."

Mehlman's got it ass-backwards. Angry voters send candidates who recognize the need for change to the White House. (Especially when voters are angry because they believe they were gravely misled by the worst President in American history and his inept administration.) A major city was virtually destroyed in a hurricane and flood just five months ago. I wonder how New Orleans residents felt when Bush virtually ignored them in his annual State of the Union? Might they have felt some anger?

Think she's ready to pounce?

I saw Hillary Clinton stand up with a coy smile on her face last Tuesday night during the SOTU speech as she lead the cheer of the Democrats when Bush dared to mention his failed efforts to gut Social Security in 2005.

That was no angry smile. It was more like the long-lasting grin from the Cheshire cat.

Meowwwww, little Kenny. Meowwwwww.

Dems Virtually Missing on Sunday Talk Shows Today

Dems Virtually Missing on Sunday Talk Shows Today

What's wrong with the Sunday morning political talk shows? Of all the major Sunday morning talk shows (Fox News Sunday, ABC's This Week, NBC's Meet the Press, and CBS' Face the Nation), only ONE Democrat appeared as a guest. Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt) appeared with Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Al). The rest of the shows featured Republicans, Republicans, and more Republicans (with no Democrats to offer their own points of view).

Last week, we bloggers told you about the shocking memo - minutes of a meeting that included President Bush and UK prime minister Tony Blair that was uncovered by Phillipe Sands and Britain's Channel 4.

On this Sunday, we have witnessed the American media completely burying the story.

The secretarial slaves known as the American mainstream news media, wielding their obediently scribing paws of duty to the corrupt U.S. political system, are manacle-bound by their Corporate owners and sponsors.

Journalism should be an open and trusted source of critical questioning and intelligent analysis, but the political reporting style of today's mainstream networks equates to little more than taking straight dictation from the failure of a President who cowed all of them last week in his SOTU speech into great fear. It was loud albeit unspoken. The bottom line is that the unemployment line awaits them if they dare to lead the unwashed masses into second-guessing him on Iraq.

It's truly pathetic, not to mention depressing.

The political culture of Washington D.C. must change, and I don't see mainstream media rattling any cages. Instead, they appear to be happy residents of those cages. The best thing they did today was to allow the new House majority leader John Boehner )R-Oh) to make himself look like the largest germ-problem in a very sick D.C. environment. I suppose that is why I laughed out loud when Boehner told Tim Russert, at the end of his interview, that "Sunlight is the best disinfectant."

The Republicans installed one of the biggest sources of the D.C. disease by choosing the sun-tanned, chain-smoking, golf-trip-loving, lobbyist-pampered Boehner - a bona fide germ among germs.

The problem with sunlight is that that the mainstrream media doesn't shine it like they should, because the rigged and corrupt U.S. political system bleeds sleazily, like incest at its finest, onto the media's paymasters and intertwined Government representatives.

Blogs are sunshine. Let's focus our beams on the source of illness in D.C. Let's clean up the disease known as politics in Washington D.C. The Democrats were virtually shut out of political discussions this Sunday. MSM in its current state is a cause of the persistent malady, not just a side-effect. This madness must end before it becomes a terminal illness.