Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Stupidity and Danger Flies In Face of American Division

Stupidity and Danger Flies In Face of American Division

Bush had best get a rein on the Grover Norqistians, wingnuts, and fundamental Christians.

Mike Thompson may be accused of treason - or simply of utter stupidity. His team won - they have our government lock, stock, and barrel..and he wants to secede, losing two of the most profitable markets in the world (NY and CA)?? What a complete dumbass.

Norquist aims to break anyone (including RI Senator Lincoln Chaffee) who dares stand up to his plan to drown liberal power for good. I hope he keeps it up..he's going to wind up choking in the dustbin of temporary American insanity.

Michael Ledeen should be strung up for complete idiocy with this idea - see his recommendation for Zell Miller. (Although it might be fun to see ol' Spitballs lose a duel with Jacques Chirac or Vincente Fox).

Speaking of Ledeen, we are just beginning to find out his Neocon crowd (in this case, Senor) seems to have performed a total end run around poor Paul Bremer in Iraq last Spring. Another case of our President allowing chaos and divisiveness to run rampant within his own secretive, battling and confused administration. No accountability, no one fired. Failure results on a battlefield where we never should have been in the first place.

These creatures are empowered by an unapologetic, inept, and radical rightwing President.

This isn't going anywhere productive. America needs serious help.
We're at the most pathetic civil state since the Civil War days.
No wonder poor Mike Thompson thinks secession is the only answer.


Most predictable news of the day (yawn):
Bush nominates a divisive character for Attorney General

Funniest comment upon the nomination of
Alberto 'I Like torture' Gonzales:

But Does He Like Naked Statues?
by Mad Kane
"The Geneva Conventions are quaint,
Said Gonzales. A scholar, he ain't.
But he's Dub's nominee
For the post of AG,
Where no doubt he will rule sans restraint."

Fallujah Updates

"Dr. Salih al-Issawi, the head of Fallujah's main hospital, said he had asked U.S. officers to allow doctors and ambulances go inside the main part of the city to help the wounded but they refused."

Not many rightwing bloggers are talking about this.

Fallujah Updates
Barbara O'Brien writes about the reality of Fallujah in "Orange Fireballs" (American Street).

This is NOT a terrorist.
The method to our madness is murderous.

"On Tuesday, a 9-year-old boy died after being hit in the stomach by shrapnel. His parents were unable to get him to hospital because of the fighting and so resorted to wrapping a sheet around him to stem the blood flow.

But he died hours later of blood loss and was buried in the garden of the family home.

“We buried him in the garden because it was too dangerous to go out,” said his father, teacher Mohammed Abboud. “We did not know how long the fighting would last.”

..One mother and her three daughters had intended to flee but their home was hit by a bombardment earlier this week and all died, neighbors who escaped told aid workers.

..In one case, a pregnant woman and her child died in a refugee camp west of the city after the mother unexpectedly aborted and no doctors were on hand....

more to come..