Friday, November 18, 2005

Bora on Blog Books

Bora on Blog Books

Bora at Science and Politics has some suggestions about turning your blog archives into a book.

What About Bob?

What About Bob?

At the One America website, Joe Clarke has a round-up of links regarding the Bob Woodward testimony and respectful speculation about who the mysterious leaker might be. See Who Done It?

Michael J.W. Stickings has a round-up of his own. He asks a rather amusing question:
Oh, how the mighty have fallen. As a friend put it today, this Woodward is pretty much the exact opposite of the Woodward of Watergate. Redford played him then -- who would play him now? (I'll take your suggestions.)

I'm thinking Crispin Glover à la the
wimpy 50s Dad in "Back to the Future."

Homelessness in Charlotte

Homelessness in Charlotte

There was a great radio presentation, a look at the challenges of hunger and homelessness on Charlotte Talks at WFAE this morning.

At a time of year when a warm home and a hot meal bring families together, they looked at those who can't take food and shelter for granted. Guest host Chris Clackum and a panel of experts looked at the process of feeding the homeless and homebound in the Charlotte area. They explored how food is gathered, warehoused, and distributed and who receives it. The panel, including a former homeless man named James White (who has written of his transformation from a homeless person into an educator), looked at just how close any of us can be to homelessness.

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Here is the audio archive link at

There will be a "Help The Homeless Awareness Walk" Saturday, November 19, 2005 at 7:30 AM. The walk will begin on Spratt Street in Charlotte.

It's part of a nationwide effort to increase awareness of the homeless on our American streets and in our shelters. See Help the Homeless
Ending homelessness is possible. One of the keys to ending homelessness is increasing the supply of permanent, affordable homes for people with low- to extremely low-income levels. In addition to stable housing, such prevention and supportive services as employment training, substance abuse recovery programs, and mental health assistance are often needed to help families get back on track.

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Breaking News:
$275M project planned near Central Ave
Prices could range from about $150,000 to more than $1 million

In related news, a modest apartment complex in a lovely neighborhood in Charlotte for those with lower-incomes will likely soon disappear in favor of a new buyer with bigger plans for more expensive housing units. The Morningside Apartment complex will soon be no more. I wonder just how much assistance the people now living in this lovely neighborhood will receive from those who would buy their homes out from under them and replace those homes with million-dollar condos?

How many more homeless families will this create?