Friday, January 06, 2006

Chris Trapper Performing with Boston's Wolverine Jazz Band

Chris Trapper Performing with Boston's Wolverine Jazz Band

Chris Trapper

If you're in the Boston area, don't miss this great singer who'll be performing tomorrow night at Harpers Ferry in Allston.

See the preview article here.

A solo CD "Gone Again," the second from the talented singer/songwriter, also of Push Stars fame, offers 11 new songs.

See Jonathan Perry's Boston Globe article.

And the Boston Herald interview with Christopher Blagg.

If you're in the Syracuse NY area, Chris will be performing (solo) at the Redhouse on January 24
See All Tour Dates at the Chris Trapper website.

Got a question? Ask Chris.

Pat Robertson's Latest God-Gaffe Likens Him To Iran Leader

" matter how profoundly religion influences you, when you make a public argument, you must ground your statements in reason and a language of morality that is accessible to everyone—to people of different religions or no religion at all. In our diverse democracy, Americans need a common political discourse not dominated by exclusivist theology."

- Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie

Pat Robertson's Latest God-Gaffe Likens Him To Iran Leader

Pat Robertson is at it again. Media Matters tells the story of Mullah Pat's latest gaffe-for-God. As "Just to the Left" points out, Robertson now has something in common with the idiotic leader of Iran.

If you take Pat too seriously, you're probably one of those people from the United Hates of America - the place where some call for a united nation - minus anyone who doesn't share their eschatology and world view.

As we know too well, we are all human beings - and everyone eventually dies. All Pat Robertson is doing, by what I consider to be his uber-sick judgement, is setting himself up to be judged likewise (harshly and ignorantly) by his fellow human beings when it's time for God to unloose Pat's mortal coil.

I can just hear the comments now....

"God took Pat because...."
- He arrogantly tried to speak for God instead of teaching others to act for God
- He spun the 700 Club news like chicken rotisserie - until it was unrecognizable to reality.
- He was getting back at Pat for those goofy comments about (Sharon; Chavez; Dover, PA)
- Jerry Falwell was too busy blaming gays and women for natural disasters.

A truly holy man would never say such a thing about PM Sharon. Shame on Pat. The biblical laws of Leviticus, which Jesus said he "came not to destroy but to fulfill," envisioned a community in which everyone was secure in his own home and property, "beneath his vine and fig tree".


Not just one ethnic group.
Not just one race.
Not just one gender.

God's land? You're there - wherever you are, if you have faith, you're there. Ask a Mormon where God's land is - and you know that the answer will be different than what a Muslim's version of where God's land would be - or a Jew - or a Hindu. While the land of the tribes of Israel is prophetically significant, the Nation-State created in the 1940s is a political creation and entity.

Religious triumphalism and politics are a horrible and dangerous mix. After generations of war, Israelis are tired of fighting. They long to sit "every man beneath his vine and fig tree." The people of Israel want peace - just like any civil citizens want peace.

The snarling of Pat Robertson only prods the pro-war hard-liners on. Since when is Jesus or God pro-war? This statement about Sharon is just as devoid of Christian value as Robertson's recommendation (as an alleged holy man) to assasinate another human being. As a Christian, Robertson causes me embarrassment and shame.

Since I'm a generous soul, I won't trash him altogether, because he's done some good things. One positive thing he's done lately is to lend his name to the anti-poverty campaign. He's not a bad fellow at heart, he's just a bit confused as to who "wears the God-pants in the family of man." He looks loco in the coco when he speaks as if he was God Himself. Who's feeding his 700 Club kitty? The eschatological spin his crew puts on every bit of their biased political news has turned the 700 Club Christian kitty into a ferocious pro-war savage lion ...the kind that bared its teeth and killed Christians in the Flavian Amphitheater while the Romans cheered!

Because of his God-on-earth complex, Robertson has destroyed his credibility with any Christian who does not share his extreme world view, which is more of a national theology than a Christian theology. Robertson is doing too much "rendering unto Caesar" - who is, in the present case, George W. Bush.

Even Caesar is embarrassed!

Real Christians don't do Caesar.


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