Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Modern Real Estate Practice in North Carolina

North Carolina is one of the fastest growing states in the union, and one of the reasons is the astonishingly rich variety of homes available to the discerning shopper. One Carolina company, Smart Choice Realty, for example, offers unique opportunities such as cash back at closing and zero money down.
For more on real estate in North Carolina, a good place to start is by reading Modern Real Estate Practice in North Carolina, but perhaps a better way would be to have a look yourself. A combination of the two, plus copious surfing of the net, will always yield fruit.

In a few weeks, North Carolina will play host to bloggers from all over America, and I think it would be nice if some of them decided to relocate here. One can never have too many bloggers!

So after attending the ConvergeSouth conference, take a drive around and see if you find something that jumps out at you.

- Mr Beckwith (anonyMoses) has performed internet related services for a variety of companies, like Automated Directions, Inc. -- a full service system integrator and distributor for many of today's leading manufacturers of material handling equipment -- WebKorner -- Web and Internet solutions for homes and businesses in the Charlotte area -- Casual Furniture World where comfort CAN be beautiful...and affordable -- The Leonardo Store -- which was introduced from Germany, but whose accolades include the Oprah magazine's "O" list, and stints on the Today Show and Redbook. Some of these companies will be sending representatives to the conference and may soon be entering the exotic world of bizblogging.