Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Wolcott: Conservatives Prepare For Bush Loss

Wolcott: Conservatives Prepare For Bush Loss

James Wolcott has a delightful blog-piece about conservative pundits, especially those at FOX News, who seem to be pre-rationalizing a Bush defeat. Between reading about the "Bush-licking Howard Fineman" and "Linda Vester, the one with the sad puppy-dog eyes", I couldn't stop smiling. Mr. Wolcott is a joy to read.

"..There are no coincidences at Fox News. Three times today, and the day is still relatively young, Fox hit the note of liberal bias to sound the theme that the press is "in the tank" for Kerry, and that any victory he gets will be a tainted gift from the media elite.

I'm not saying Fox News is anticipating a Bush loss, only that they seem to be laying the ground work for the blame game should he cough it up on November 2nd. They are taking the first baby steps to denying the legitimacy of a Kerry win, preparing the first batch of sour grapes

My favorite line:
"Roger Ailes claps his hands and the monkeys go into their little dance."

Shame on George Bush!

Shame on George Bush!

1106 of our troops are dead, thousands are severely injured, and tens of thousands of Iraqis have died -all for an unnecessary war led by a liar named G.W. Bush.

So, what does Bush tell us? He has the balls to tell us ( including many families of those dead soldiers ) that we Americans complain too much - (with John Kerry as our spokesman).

Iraq is on the brink of civil war and we learned today that we killed 600 innocent civilians ( with at least 300 of them women and children ) in Fallujah alone last April. God only knows how many we've killed so far this month. The war rages on because Bush had no plan for the peace.

And he has the audacity to claim John Kerry has no plan.

Bush gets his loyalty oath groupies laughing about the war - quite often lately.

I'd like to know - what's so friggen funny about 1106 dead soldiers and the lie Bush told that sent them to his inappropriately planned folly?

I could ask, how he could possibly stand there with a straight face and say these things, but even his face has looked pretty crooked lately - his mouth drooping and his false, mocking smile cocked precariously, as if to shelter the truth behind his speed-blinking eyes.

Ruling allows Florida to reject incomplete voter registrations

Breaking: Ruling allows Florida to reject incomplete voter registrations

From USA Today:

U.S. District Judge James Lawrence King decided on procedural grounds that the three prospective voters did not have the legal standing to pursue the lawsuit backed by the AFL-CIO, but he gave the union group a chance to file a new version of the lawsuit next month with people who meet the standard.

That leaves the AFL-CIO and the Advancement Project, a social action group, on the losing side of an attempt to force election officials to accept applications from people who failed to check a citizenship box on registration forms in time for the Nov. 2 election.


Secretary of State Glenda Hood, a Republican, said the state was "pleased by the decision." I'm sure she's thrilled.

credit: AIGA.com

In other Florida Election News:
New Florida vote scandal feared
by Greg Palast

A secret document obtained from inside Bush campaign headquarters in Florida suggests a plan - possibly in violation of US law - to disrupt voting in the state's African-American voting districts, a BBC Newsnight investigation reveals.


CNN sinks in credibility with yet another 'Drudge scoop' flop

CNN sinks in credibility with yet another 'Drudge scoop' flop

CNN has been scammed by the Drudge Report one too many times for me to say I trust their journalistic integrity any longer.

Josh Marshall lays out what CNN did last night.

I had seen Drudge's flashing emergency-light icon over the huge headline and I thought about dropping him a note asking him why he constantly allowed the RNC to "play" him - but I thought twice. It would have only been an exercise in futility. Drudge is bought and sold.

It doesn't excuse CNN, though.

They are pathetic.

Josh Marshall has additional commentary here and here

I wish to be Mr. Marshall's trumpet here.
This man works his fingers to the bone to consistently refute, with truth on his side, all the garbage that the mainstream media allows the Bush/Cheney campaign to hand to them -reporting their distortions without questioning.

Bush campaign distortions reveal contempt for US integrity and safety

Bush campaign distortions reveal contempt for America's integrity and safety
"While the White House sought to minimize the importance of the loss of the HMX and RDX - two commonly used military explosives that can also be used to bring down airplanes or to create a trigger for nuclear weapons - the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, took the unusual step on Monday of writing to the United Nations Security Council to report that the explosives were gone. He usually sends a report every six months, and his last was just a few weeks ago.

"He doesn't do that to report trivia," a European diplomat familiar with Dr. ElBaradei's views said. "It's something that is considered grave."

The Bush campaign is being forced, by the truth, to spin a perverse political web. It's glaringly clear that they've come to the point of deliberately concealing the raw danger they've created for our nation while their rhetoric would suggest the exact opposite - telling us we're safer.

The past four years have been nothing more to the Bush administration than one continuous political campaign. Power has been more important to the Bush/Cheney campaign than the very integrity of the United States. Lies were told in order to secure the public support for an unnecessary war - a war, I'll remind you, that was not properly planned and executed.

The American public now awaits next week's election and fears another hijacking of the electoral process. If that occurs, I think we're going to see a Constitutional crisis.

Richard Nixon was the last president to have created a Constitutional crisis by trying to save his political hide by undermining the checks and balance system through the abuse of executive power.

How far will this president go? John Dean has already warned us that Bush is worse than Nixon.

This administration needs to go. I hope the American public understands the importance and has the patience to stand in a long line to vote Bush out of office next Tuesday. We should all consider it to be a labor of love for our country.

Bruce Springsteen to Join John Kerry on the Trail

Bruce Springsteen to Join John Kerry on the Trail

Bruce Springsteen plans to play a song or two at campaign rallies Thursday in Madison, Wis., and Columbus, Ohio, both in battleground states likely to determine the winner of the election. He'll join Kerry in Cleveland the night before Election Day.