Friday, April 21, 2006

John Edwards Demands Bush Accountability

Raw Story Headline 4-23-06

John Edwards Demands Bush Accountability

In an email that former Senator John Edwards sent out today, he asks each of us to sign his letter to Alberto Gonzalez demanding that Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald be empowered to investigate the President's role in manipulating intelligence on Iraq.

Let's do it.

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Harpers: Anti-Bush Sentiment Swing at CIA

Harpers: Anti-Bush Sentiment Swing at CIA

From blogpost "The CIA Wehrmacht" regarding renditions of individuals to countries that torture their detainees:
An ex-senior agency officer who keeps in contact with his former peers told me that there is a “a big swing” in anti-Bush sentiment at Langley. “I've been stunned by what I'm hearing,” he said. “There are people who fear that indictments and subpoenas could be coming down, and they don't want to get caught up in it.”.[...].Scott Horton, a human rights activist who has become a principal spokesman for the New York City Bar Association in evaluating the Bush Administration's tactics, said that he's also hearing stories of growing dissent at the CIA. “When the shit hits the fan,” he explained, “the administration scapegoats lower-level people. It doesn't do a lot in terms of inspiring confidence.”
While right-wing Newsmax, in ho-hum 90s-style, is still headlining blame toward former President Clinton for anything they can (in this case for being responsible for CIA's low morale), Bush has nearly destroyed the integrity of the institution with his policy (or looking the other way for too long) on torture and teh scapegoating of CIA on the Iraq WMD dupe.

The Harpers blog also comments that the revolt within the military against Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld is really nothing new.
"...cracks definitely have developed in the Administration's relationship with the Armed Forces. Most recently, several active duty senior commanders who spoke on the record at the “Current Strategy Forum” that ended here last week were critical to a point that walked a fine constitutional line of disloyalty to the political leadership.....[What I think is going on here is serious concern among officers to protect the integrity of the institution."

- part of a 2004 quote from an unnamed source at the Naval War College
Rumsfeld and the Bush administration have done "a number" on our military with the entire Iraq debacle. The way I'm seeing it, either Rumsfeld will step down or, if you go along with former President Gerald Ford's opinion, the entire Bush administration will sink down the sewer of history together in one loyal turd-like lump. One columnist has said that
Bush cannot afford to fire Rumsfeld, certainly not at this moment, since such an action would then turn the generals' guns (and those of their supporters elsewhere) against the president himself.
Former US ambassador to the United Nations Richard Holbrooke has categorized what has been dubbed as The Revolt of the generals, as “the most serious public confrontation between the military and an administration since President Harry S. Truman fired Gen. Douglas MacArthur in 1951”.

Norquist Sticks to His Scuzzy Guns

Norquist Sticks to His Scuzzy Guns
Defends 'K-Street'

Grover Norquist is holding tight to the "K Street" brand - which is now a stigma representing the undemocratic, the immoral, and the unethical. Good for him. Maybe he'll slide down the drainpipe along with all others who proudly wallow in unethical D.C. practices. Norquist was no more than a high-powered D.C. thug in a "Big Man in D.C." costume. Now that so many Americans have caught on to the tactics of Norquist's kind and the moral bankruptcy of Norquistian ideas and procedures, he's more of an embarrassment to those Republicans who have gravitated freely toward that type of behavior. They're fleeing like bugs from Raid because of the public shame.

Maybe Karl Rove will soon race him for bottom of the black hole, a position they both deserve.