Monday, October 18, 2004

A Tribute to Autumn

A Tribute to Autumn

"October is the month of painted leaves. Their rich glow now flashes round the world. As fruits and leaves and the day itself acquire a bright tint just before they fall, so the year near its setting. October is its sunset sky; November the later twilight."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Anonymoses on the trail
photo by Iddybud

"You like it under the trees in autumn,
Because everything is half dead.
The wind moves like a cripple among the leaves
And repeats words without meaning."

- Wallace Stevens, The Motive for Metaphor

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Come said the wind to
the leaves one day,
Come o'er the meadows
and we will play.
Put on your dresses
scarlet and gold,
For summer is gone
and the days grow cold.

- A Children's Song of the 1880's


May you have a beautiful autumn!

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Gore Says Bush Governs from 'Love of Power'

Gore Says Bush Governs from 'Love of Power'

"Bush and Cheney-simultaneously dishonest and incompetent.."

Al Gore gave a speech at Georgetown University today that will go down in history as one of the most important set of words ever offered to the American people. It ranks up there with the Declaration of Independence.

The choice has never been made clearer.

Video here-CSPAN(see it again at 11:59 pm tonight on CSPAN 1hr 30min.)

Bush intentionally deceived public on Iraq

Gore warns of election grab by Bush

WP- Gore Charges Bush With Prewar Deceit/President Called Reckless, Dishonest

Palm Beach Post- Gore says Bush 'arrogantly out of touch with reality'

CNSNews- Bush Administration 'Dishonest and Incompetent,' Gore Says

Georgetown Hoya, Vidhya Murugesan- Gore Attacks Bush's Love of Power

SC Clerks give Bush v. Gore details in Vanity Fair

SC Clerks give Bush v. Gore details in Vanity Fair

In the October issue of Vanity Fair magazine, former Supreme Court law clerks from the court's 2000-01 term speak out, under cover of anonymity, about what they saw behind the scenes during the fateful case of Bush v. Gore

In an article titled The Path to Florida, writers David Margolick, Evgenia Peretz and Michael Shnayerson recount the views of former clerks to liberal justices who opposed the ruling. Those clerks contend that the decision was an exercise in partisanship by conservative Republican justices.

The buzz surrounding this piece centers less on the article’s content than the fact that those who worked for the justices have broken their vow of silence. Some have called this a 'whistle-blowing'.

According to an article in Sunday's Washington Post, most of the criticism in the Vanity Fair piece is aimed at Justices Antonin Scalia, Sandra Day O’Connor and Anthony Kennedy, all of whom voted in favor of Bush. Scalia is depicted bullying Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg into watering down her dissenting opinion. O’Connor is described as emotionally fixated on stopping a recount and Kennedy as overly influenced by his right-wing clerks.

From Online Journal: What's Wrong with America?

Shouldn't we be thinking of impeaching George W. Bush and Dick Cheney instead of running them for political office?
"This election—if the schemers' supporters don't manage to steal it—may be the people's only chance to bring a modicum of justice and sanity to the current bizarre state of affairs. Vote for Kerry as if your life and the world's safety depended on it, because, as never before, they do...

..what the foggin' heck is wrong with America? The malevolent nature of Bush and Cheney's actions, namely cooking up false intelligence and lying Americans into a war, should sicken and outrage any person with a conscience. Yet, in today's upside-down America, Bush and Cheney aren't criminals; they're legitimate candidates, smiling, strutting and backslapping their way across the country, snake-charming voters and continuing to defend their transparent lies. The corporate media eat it up. Half of the public may actually vote for them. There aren't enough world-gone-crazy metaphors to describe this situation. It's Alice in Wonderland and Orwell's 1984 rolled into one. Have a cup of tea with the Mad Hatter. War is peace. God bless America the Delusional

LINK-Online Journal, Carla Binion

A Grand Hypocrisy--Putin Campaigning For Bush

A Grand Hypocrisy--Putin Campaigning For Bush

Putin and Bush-
Failure Supports Failure---
Co-dependents in Wrong Thinking

They want you to think that each terror attack in Iraq is because of who Bush IS instead of remembering all the dead-wrong things he's done.


It's nothing less than bizarre. The Oil-For-Food Scandal King campaigns for the American president who was on watch as Russia slid back toward authoritarian rule...

"Last week, President Bush said that the war on terror isn't actully one that's ever going to be clearly won.
What happens if Putin, under political pressure, decides to fall in line with the virtually unwinnable war against a tactic?
What happens to the many good and decent people who have only desired liberty in Chechnya? (Make no mistake, there are many decent people in Chechnya even though we only hear about the worst). The civil citizens of Chechnya are calling upon the international community to step in and help bring peace to both Chechnya and to Russia. To date, international ears and eyes remain closed

--Iddybud, September 9, 2004


Bush's dogmatic insistence and race to unilaterally take out Saddam Hussein caused him to proceed with blinders, neglecting a diplomacy that was sorely needed and inviting distrust of America and inviting right-wing radicals-East and West- to follow America's pre-emptive lead. Putin recognized the Iraq war (and rightly so) as a war evocative of the Cold War-era rather than a new and necessary type of warfare where we don't rub out regimes, but instead rub out terrorist networks.
That breakdown in international trust has led to Russia's falling away from democracy and contributes to European instability which endangers our nation's interests in Central Asia. It has led many in the world to believe that the Bush administration's National Security strategy did not take into serious consideration the fact that the Berlin Wall had ever fallen in the first place. It's no wonder all nations of the world (except for three) hope there is a change in American leadership this November...As overwhelmingly troubled as the old U.S.S.R. was, Ronald Reagan understood that, unless you employed diplomacy with hope and good faith, you will never forward America's best interests...While I truly believe Ronald Reagan acted in his nation's best interests, I believe Bush has acted with contempt for America's best interests, or at best, Bush has simply been an incapable leader.

--Iddybud, September 14, 2004 Russia Going Back to Authoritarian Rule--Another Casualty of Bush's War


"Just Like Bush"-
A Child's Tale

Part Three:

So, children...
After the terror in Beslan, the Kremlin reached for harsh levers, refusing to negotiate its way out of the Chechen war for fear it would look weak and embolden other separatist movements in Russia.

George W. Bush would never have negotiated with terror. Why should Vladimir?

So 100,000 more Chechens were slaughtered and 100,000 more terrorists were born.


The moral of the story:
No one wins when you rage, with hatred and bloodthirst, against a tactic.

--posted on Iddybud, September 13, 2004

Guardian's Operation Clark County: Americans Respond

Guardian's Operation Clark County: Americans Respond

An Interesting Exercise....

Since US policy now affects every citizen on the planet, Guardian writers felt all should all have a say in who gets to the White House next. In the democratic contest that matters most to the world, the world has been feeling disenfranchised. So the Guardian (G2) came up with the idea for Operation Clark County. It was a chance for the world to get involved with Americans who will decide on November 2nd. (See introduction to the project here). Three prominent Britons (John Le Carré, Antonia Fraser, and Richard Dawkins) have sample letters here.

Today we see a sampling of reaction from Americans. The title of the general sampling, Dear Limey assholes, may give you fair warning of the type of language to expect to run into. Have fun!