Monday, August 29, 2005

Headlines - August 29

Headlines - August 29

Leak Shows Blair Told of Iraq War Terror Link - "The Foreign Office's top official warned Downing Street that the Iraq war was fuelling Muslim extremism in Britain a year before the 7 July bombings."

US Forces Kill Reuters Journalist - " official statement indicated that the Americans were responding to an attack on an Iraqi police convoy when the journalists were shot. The death brings to 66 the number of journalists and their aides killed in Iraq since the start of the invasion in 2003."

Halliburton Whistle-Blower "Removed" by Army

I'd made a strong statement last February after I believed President Bush had exploited two women during his State of the Union speech. One of the women was the purple-fingered women's rights activist Safia Taleb al-Souhail who had been seated next to Laura Bush at the SOTU. The activist has now recanted her view about the "success" she celebrated with a two-fingered victory sign. I hope that anyone who complained about the strength of my conviction back in February will take a look at the current news article.

Bush Suffers Ratings Tumble as Sunnis Reject Iraq Charter

Crawford, Texas: A Divided Nation Bares Its Pain and Fury

Venezuela May Seek Robertson's Extradition

Strategizing a Christian Coup d'Etat

Iraq Worse than Vietnam in Number of Journalists Killed

Iraqi Constitution Sent to Parliament Despite Sunni Objections

How Photos Became Icon of Civil Rights Movement

Shiites Cut Off Talks on Charter

Specialist Young has questions for President Bush [BRAD BLOG]

Bolton Brings US into Conflict with UK


Tom Engelhardt: Catapulting the Propaganda

Dahr Jamail: Two "Green Zones"

Frank Rich: The Vietnamization of Bush's Vacation

Sean Penn: Day One in Iran: Culture in Deep Conflict

The Boston Globe: Rove's Role

John W. Dean: Did Pat RobertsonCommit a Crime?

The New York Times: The Lobbying-Industrial Complex

Maureen Dowd: Bike-Deep in the Big Muddy

Rosa Brooks: Not Your Daddy's Creationists

Larry C. Johnson: Why We Must Leave Iraq

The New York Times: States to the Rescue

Paul Krugman: Summer of Our Discontent

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Sheehan's Question Deserves Answer

Juan Cole: The Iraqi Constitution: DOA?

Phillip Robertson: The Death of al Mutanabbi Street

Robert Scheer - Judith Miller: Embedded over Her Head

Norman Solomon: Will News Media Help Bush Exploit the 9/11 Anniversary Again?

Bob Herbert: Truth-Telling on Race? Not in Bush's Fantasyland