Thursday, April 29, 2004

Only the dead never change their opinions.

Why I will be supporting John Kerry

"There is no violent reason for this; I'm doing this for peace and justice and to try to help this country wake up once and for all."
--John Kerry, anguished as he committed his war decorations to the wind in his hope for America to learn the truth about a war which made no sense. [LINK]

He lived and breathed the terror of battle. He saw with his own eyes. He stood up strongly and non-violently at a confused time for his cause (for truth) which we now see, through the clear lens of history, was a righteous cause.

I believe Iraq is as wrong as Viet Nam. I'll never understand why John Kerry voted "Yes" for the Iraq resolution on a fatefully sad day in October 2002. Because he did, John Kerry was not my first choice for the Democratic presidential nominee. I still find it intellectually difficult to personally forgive him for what I perceived as a gross lack of intuition and a violation of decent political ethics.

I ask myself: "Where was Kerry lacking in intuition?"
My answer: "For having trusted George W. Bush".

Now Kerry is running up against the man he trusted..the man who betrayed his trust. A man who betrayed all our trust. A man who fed us lies and material misinformation in order to obtain the political keys to his warped and inadequate war plans.

I'm heartsick to the point of nausea about the American men and women we've already lost in Iraq. (Not to mention the raw pity I am feeling for the innocent civilian life already lost or living in hell alongside our soldiers).

The only success George W. Bush has had in uniting Iraq is unting Iraq against America. He did a bang-up job of doing that.

By the betrayal of my trust and John Kerry's trust, he has also succeeded in uniting the betrayed against him in the next election.

I will warn John Kerry, though...if he gets my vote, he can expect me to remind him as loudly as possible that I want our troops back home where they are respected, valued....loved. They're our precious treasure. I believe, in the depths of my heart, that John Kerry agrees with me.

John Kerry, I hand you my hope.
I read the news today, oh boy

Blogger Soj isn't trying to bum you out. Really. She underscores her current blog entry titled "World Unrest Report", which is a round-up of news from around the world, with:

Note: The links are provided to raise awareness. Please click on one (or all!) of them and find out what's going on. They are not provided to depress you, or to focus solely on the negative, but to raise consciousness about what's going on around this big planet of ours.
Grover Norquist mocks followers of Jesus Christ
Heretics call Norquist a "prophet"

Excerpts from an adoring and glowing review of Norquist:

Excerpt One:
---Grover views those of us on the right as being "the good guys" who "just want to be left alone." Conservatives ask the government for nothing.

America is not for yourselves alone. If you want to be left alone, relinquish your citizenship and move to Mars.

Excerpt Two:
---Norquist then shared the secret for Republican transcendence and that is to constantly seize upon the populace's hatred for taxation.

Cheap and easy. Grover is nothing but a whore. Wait until Grandma starts eating from garbage cans because she has no money and nursing her never-healing wounds with her own spittle because she has no medical coverage.

Excerpt Three:
---He told of the Governor of Alabama who "outwardly had no signs of mad cow disease" and even cited Jesus in his attempt to create a bigger and lazier leviathan [although Norquist comically noted here that he was previously unaware of Paul advocating for a progressive income tax in the New Testament].

As if Jesus Christ and St. Paul didn't advocate helping the poor amongst us. It is the Judeo-Christian's moral responsibility and conscience-based drive to be compassionate, even when it comes to formulating decent public policy. Grover's irreverent mockery of the Christian sensibilities in most Americans will lose him more than he'd ever hope to gain. He should know America better. He's a clown..and a hypocritical clown to boot.

We also know he's in big trouble for courting dubious Islamic-fundamentalist groups for Republican campaign funds. Ask Frank Gaffney.

I suggest that the pledges our representatives are signing- with the promise not to raise taxes- are decidedly not only undemocratic, but anti-American. It is a form of political enslavement. There are many forms of enslavement. Condemning certain citizens to poverty can be far more oppressively enslaving than the requirement for the government (of the people) to require some to pay a share that will not materially harm them and will benefit the necessary welfare of the nation.

We need to speak out on this issue. Look at how these pledges are being used and beware!

I think every American who cares about democracy should pledge NOT TO VOTE for any politician who would enslave themselves by signing away their integrity and political freedom like this. Why? Because they represent us..and they're signing away OUR political freedoms.



March of the Banana Republicans
by John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton

At ABC News' Political Note, it says: "Grover Norquist is tearing out his hair …" LINK