Saturday, March 06, 2004

3000 did not die to be exploited by Bush's re-election campaign.

3000 should never have perished on that morn.
The same one who throws the images of that day in your face
Refuses to cooperate with American families who lost loved ones that same morning.

3000 innocent Americans were killed on September 11th Leaving behind families and loved ones.
Too many lost opportunities. Too many lost futures.
It is our responsibility as a nation to turn the dark events of September 11th
Into something from which we can all learn and grow
Instead of running from the tough questions and exploiting the dead

Heed the words of those who did not share in your relief on that day
To go home to your families and hug them for dear life
Do not forget the ones who did not share your good fortune
They were black, white, man, woman, Independent, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green.
They represented many countries from around the globe.
They did not pay with their lives so they could be used in a GOP re-election campaign.


In his first campaign commercial, George Bush reached down and molested the dead.

--Jimmy Breslin

Silence is most eloquent
*so why doesn't iddy shut up already?!?*

May I recommend Ultimate Subject?

I wanted to share this website discovery with you. I found it quite lovely and pregnant with truth.
"Vote this maniac

out of office."

"--Radio shock jock Howard Stern, urging listeners not to support Bush in the presidential election

From the pages of American political thought..


"..The mass of men serve the state thus, not as men mainly, but as machines, with their bodies. They are the standing army, and the militia, jailers, constables, posse comitatus, etc. In most cases there is no free exercise whatever of the judgement or of the moral sense; but they put themselves on a level with wood and earth and stones; and wooden men can perhaps be manufactured that will serve the purpose as well. Such command no more respect than men of straw or a lump of dirt. They have the same sort of worth only as horses and dogs. Yet such as these even are commonly esteemed good citizens. Others--as most legislators, politicians, lawyers, ministers, and office-holders--serve the state chiefly with their heads; and, as they rarely make any moral distinctions, they are as likely to serve the devil, without intending it, as God. A very few--as heroes, patriots, martyrs, reformers in the great sense, and men--serve the state with their consciences also, and so necessarily resist it for the most part; and they are commonly treated as enemies by it. A wise man will only be useful as a man, and will not submit to be "clay," and "stop a hole to keep the wind away," but leave that office to his dust at least:

"I am too high born to be propertied,
To be a second at control,
Or useful serving-man and instrument
To any sovereign state throughout the world."

He who gives himself entirely to his fellow men appears to them useless and selfish; but he who gives himself partially to them is pronounced a benefactor and philanthropist."

-- Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience

How Bush And Blair Chose War And Then Chose The Justification
By David Cromwell and David Edwards
We are to believe that after a major conflict in which 88,500 tons of bombs were dropped in 1991, after eight years of inspections, and after more than a decade of continuous bombing raids, and of crippling sanctions imposed under the most intensive and sophisticated surveillance operation in history, both Blair and Bush received intelligence suggesting that Iraq was a "serious and current threat".

As we now know, this alleged intelligence is said to have been related to WMD and links with al-Qaeda that did not exist. We are to believe, then, that a rush of terrifying information relating to non-existent perils - a rush so overwhelming that long-standing policy was abandoned - suddenly emerged to lead Bush and Blair to believe that nothing less than war was required to avert the danger.

This truly is remarkable.....


Hans Blix, former chief UN weapons inspector quote:
"Perhaps Blair and Bush, both religious men, felt strengthened in their political determination by the feeling they were fighting evil, not only (arms) proliferation."

.....Blair and Bush have both seen their popularity plummet over the unpopular war and its bloody aftermath.

On Friday Blair raised the prospect of a rethink of international law and the United Nations to legalize pre-emptive strikes by foreign forces against so-called rogue states....

From Independent/UK:
Blix claims Iraq War was illegal; Blair's defense bogus
Mr Blix, speaking to The Independent, said the Attorney General's legal advice to the Government on the eve of war, giving cover for military action by the US and Britain, had no lawful justification. He said it would have required a second United Nations resolution explicitly authorising the use of force for the invasion of Iraq last March to have been legal.

Good reading at Anonymoses Blog


I found many interesting tidbits at the Anonymoses blog today and March 5th, such as: "Is Bush's hateability going to be an election year issue?" Rather than reiterate them here, go...go...go now!