Friday, July 11, 2003


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Something's Got To "Give"--- and Bush Certainly Isn't Going to Offer to Step Down

Letter to the Editor / Boston Globe
Give Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz the boot

Today's News Headlines from Democracy
*"Democracy* isn't done alone in front of the television."*

CNN - Current List of Casualties in the Iraq War


Reuters - Iraq civilian body count passes 6,000


t r u t h o u t - How to Rig an American Election


What Really Happened : The History the Government Hopes You Don't Learn

--------------------------------- - The Insiders Are Coming Out by William Rivers Pitt


National Review - Scandal!: Bush’s enemies aren't telling the truth about what he said by Clifford D. May

AlterNet - A Diplomat's Undiplomatic Truth by Robert Scheer


Christian Science Monitor - Media feels the press by Sara B. Miller


Boston Globe - Bush and Rice say CIA cleared Bush's State of the Union speech


Newsday - Franks: We’re Here for Years,0,4847467.story?coll=ny-nationalnews-headlines

Guerrilla News Network - Eli Lily Rules by Jim Lobe


Sydney Morning Herald - Beijing cadres scramble to assess HK crisis



Chicago Tribune - WTO Rules That U.S. Steel Duties Illegal,1,7129716.story?coll=chi-business-hed


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Al From and Bruce Reed are, like, sooooooooo yesterday! Sorry to have to say it, but it's true! John Kerry, too. They tell us to get over Selection 2000....and Howard Dean is the way we're getting over, already! Wake up, DLC!

From the Washington Post article "Among Democrats, The Energy Seems To Be on the Left"

"....the left's energy is also a reflection of discontent with the party's Clinton-era leadership. Off the record, many on the left agree with one Democratic organizer who mused recently: "In some ways, Bill Clinton was the worst thing that could have happened to the Democratic Party" because he largely silenced the party's left and enervated efforts to build the party's base.

That sentiment is manifesting itself in a barrage of criticism aimed at the centrist Democratic Leadership Council, which was closely associated with Clinton's 1992 election. For years, DLC founder Al From and his associates have preached that "Old Democrat" liberalism equals landslide defeats. "The New Democrat formula is the only one to win in three decades," From said recently. Earlier this year, he and DLC President Bruce Reed -- who served as Clinton's chief domestic policy adviser for eight years -- fired off a broadside accusing Dean of being an "elitist" from the "McGovern-Mondale wing" of the party and warning that he would lead the party to disaster if he wins the nomination.

Instead of sinking, Dean surged...."

John Kerry and Howard Dean have allegedly been using this line: (article here)
"...Kerry recalled Bill Clinton's words that voters in 2004 "would rather vote for someone who is strong and wrong versus weak and right", a line that Dean has used regularly since February..."

Personally, I think that line should be dumped--pronto. If we want someone strong and damn wrong, we already have the nincompoop...he was given the Oval Office by a majority of one--one Justice's opinion tipped the undemocratic scale-- in 2000.
What's wrong with strong and right, anyhow? Are our leaders so insecure about fallibility that they can't even go with the word "right" from the get-go? We don't want another wrong-headed Bushlite.

**From the blogs, read this recent entry from Toby's Political Diary - 'Let it Begin Here'
SEE: Howard Dean and the Democrats

I was appalled when I heard now-retired Gen Tommy Franks defend and boldly repeat Bush's "Bring 'em on" Texas-schoolboy taunt. I respect him far less now because of it. He really lowered himself.


Tommy Franks Says 10-25 Attacks a Day on U.S. Troops in Iraq -- But He and Bush Want More

From Reuters: "U.S. troops in Iraq face 10 to 25 attacks a day, partly because they are hunting for Baathists, 'jihadists' and fighters crossing the border from Syria, Gen. Tommy Franks, who ran the war against Baghdad, said on Thursday. Franks, who stepped down recently as head of U.S. Central Command and will soon retire, told the House Armed Services Committee that 'on a given day, there will be somewhere between 10 and 25 violent incidents' in Iraq where 148,000 U.S. troops are located." But this isn't enough for Tommy-gun -- he seconded Bush's 'Bring 'Em On' the other day. And the specter of guerilla war is raised. "Rep. Ike Skelton of Missouri, the senior Democrat on the panel, said if the current pattern were left unchecked, the United States may find itself 'in the throes of guerrilla warfare for years.'"

From Howard Dean Weblog:

Dean Says Those Who Misled Nation Should Resign

Click here to add your name to a petition demanding that those responsible for misleading the American people resign. Let others know about the petition by telling them about this link:

Manchester, NH -- Governor Howard Dean issued the following statement today:

"Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld's statement yesterday -- that he only found out that the Niger
documents were forgeries --within recent days was stunning.
What is now clear is that there are those in this administration that misled the President,
misled the nation, and misled the world in making the case for the war in Iraq.
They know who they are. And they should resign today.
There will be investigations, and the truth will come out - the American people must know the truth -
and those in this administration must be held accountable for their failure to give us the truth before we went to war.
But we do not need to wait for the investigations to rid these people from our government -
they can resign on their own today.
I am now convinced more than ever that it was a mistake to have given this administration a
blank check to engage in this war -
as too many in Congress did when they supported the Iraqi war resolution."