Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bush Still President - Don't Expect Him to Change

Bush Still President - Don't Expect Him to Change

It simply boggles the mind: we've already had four years of some of the most appalling and abusive foreign and domestic policy in American history, some of the most well-documented atrocities ever wrought on the American populace and it's all combined with the biggest and most violently botched and grossly mismanaged war since Vietnam, and much of the nation still insists in living in a giant vat of utter blind faith, still insists on believing the man in the White House couldn't possibly be treating them like a dog treats a fire hydrant...

...It is a weirdly embarrassing time to be an American...

...This much is clear: We are not, with a grim Bush victory, headed for buoyancy and friendship and sincere hope for something new and refreshing. We are not, with another four years of what we just endured, headed toward any sort of easing of bitter tension, a sense of levity, or sexual openness, or true education, or gender respect, or a lightness of spirit and of step.

- Mark Morford

August 29, 2004 NYC

Remember their spirit and commitment.
Let's not feel sorry for ourselves.
Let's not falter.
This is still the soul of our nation we're talking about saving.
John Kerry lost, not us.
We shall not lose as long as we have heart, soul and commitment.

Taiwan Guy's Prayer

Taiwan Guy's Prayer

"Jesus, may it come to pass
Though he wants to eat my ass
That this lion come to thee
And from beastly sin be free......"


Poem and dramatic "AAGGGHHHH!" by Iddybud

tip o'the hat
to Scrutiny Hooligans for the photo

Morning Star

Morning Star

The morning star appears in the sky while it is still night. Darkness broods over all nature. Its appearance is almost prophetic. It tells every student of the heavens that, though it is still night, there's a new day coming, and its dawn is just at hand.

So it is with us, dear readers.

So it is with us.

Keep your eye on the morning star.

Kerry Concedes

Kerry Concedes
"No retreat, baby, no surrender"

I think the John Kerry campaign gave up too easily on counting ALL the votes in Ohio, electing to not wait for the final tallies.

I understand his desire to unite America, but if we're uniting under a tyrant, what good is done for the American ideals concerning the balance of power which our founding fathers set down long ago? (That little tyrant Bush, by the way, was going to give a victory speech regardless of whether or not Kerry was willing to concede. Some f**king uniter!)

What are we all so afraid of? Why is counting every vote frowned upon? We really should ask ourselves. The vote is the citizen's mouth- the citizen's heart - the citizen's privilege - the citizen's loudest/most effective voice.

What happens when/if stories pour in about Ohio voter fraud and improprieties?
(And will media cover up these stories under pressure from the White House?)

Regardless of whether or not Bush won a nationwide popular vote, I highly suspect that Ohio wasn't "over". Provisional ballots could show surprises, regardless of the soothing comments Kerry made in his speech. Perhaps the final news about them will never be shared with the American public.

Note: I wholly concur with Josh Marshall's comments HERE.

We can feel disappointed, but let's not let it stop us.

Bush ready to Jump On Victory

Bush ready to Jump On Victory

True to form, it looks like Bush is ready to pounce on victory, insensitive to the fact that half the nation voted for the other guy and wants to see every vote counted in Ohio.

Four more years of Bush will be disastrous for America.

I'd like to project something optimistic right now, but frankly, I think America is in trouble. I feel badly for her, as I would for a beloved friend.

A Weird Time to Be a Blogger

A Weird Time to Be a Blogger

Bloggers, too, find themselves in a frustrated wait

In their first big election, online pundits suddenly found they didn't know what to say... LINK