Tuesday, June 24, 2003



"Oye--Sooo many choices!"



Yesterday, soon-to-be retired chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix stated to the Council on Foreign Relations(NYC) that "the longer the United States and Britain occupy Iraq without finding weapons of mass destruction,
the more conceivable it is that Baghdad destroyed them after the first Gulf War in 1991".
Blix also stated: "``It is sort of fascinating that you can have 100 percent certainty about weapons
of mass destruction and zero certainty of about where they are.''
Blix also threw out this wry comment (targeting the Bush administration): ``Three-and-a-half months for new inspections was a rather short
time before calling it a day and especially when we now see the U.S. government is saying,
'look, you have to have a little patience, you know these things take time". "All right!''
If Bush was someday to be asked why his administration kept saying " we need to have patience" when looking for the WMD's..
when, for all intents and purposes, he gave Blix the bum's rush when he appealed for ample time,
Bush would probably say: "That's simply revisionist history."

Just wait until Mr Blix writes a book about this period in history.
Future generations will look back and understand just who the revisionists of history were...and why.


Leon Uris- RIP
Best - Selling U.S. Author Leon Uris Dies

Dear God...what have Bush and Blair gotten us into ?

Six British Troops Killed in String of Iraq Attacks
"Six British troops were killed and several were wounded in Iraq on Tuesday in the biggest daily death toll sustained
by U.S. and British forces since March 23, three days after the start of the war to topple Saddam Hussein."

Denial and Deception
From The New York Times, 6/24/03:

"There is no longer any serious doubt that Bush administration
officials deceived us into war.
The key question now is why so many influential people are in denial,
unwilling to admit the obvious."

"...the political and media establishment is in denial, finding excuses for the administration's efforts to mislead both Congress and the public..."

"....We're not talking about a business dispute that hinges on the fine print of the contract; we're talking about the most solemn decision a nation can make..."

"..if we can't find people willing to take the risk — to face the truth and act on it — what will happen to our democracy? "

American taxpayers:
I hope you enjoyed the embedded
journalism in Iraq.

You paid for it.

"..Who paid for this media training, transportation and equipment? Unwittingly, American taxpayers picked up the tab for these and many other expenses in the military's embedded media program...."

"..To provide a minimum daily ration of two meals-ready-to-eat (MREs) and two 16-ounce bottles of sterilized water for a month,
the cost to the military is more than $500 per journalist, based on figures from the Defense Supply Center in Philadelphia.
Free shelter saved embeds the cost of a tent ($130 retail), sleeping bag ($100 retail) or hotels in Kuwait City and Baghdad ($100 nightly minimum).
They also took no-cost loans of gas masks ($179-$329 retail) and nuclear/biological/chemical suits ($45-$59 retail).
And, yes, protection courtesy of the U.S. armed forces. To hire a former British Royal Marine from Centurion to escort you to Baghdad,
the charge is around $400 a day....."


"..Almost every major news organization has a strict policy against journalists accepting anything free from people they cover.
Freebies undercut the public's perception of their independence and objectivity...."

"..In future military conflicts, will this many journalists embed if they have to pay?"