Monday, June 09, 2003


Time to Come Clean, Mr. President
By Sen. Robert Byrd

June 6, 2003

"The fundamental question that is nagging at many is this: How reliable were the claims of this President and
key members of his Administration that Iraq's weapons of mass destruction posed a clear and imminent threat to
the United States, such a grave threat that immediate war was the only recourse?"


Bush Insists Iraq Had Banned Arms Program

"Iraq had a weapons program," Bush said.

"Intelligence throughout the decade shows they had a weapons program,"
Bush told reporters during a meeting of his Cabinet.

Flashback 1964:
"There IS, TOO a Santa Claus!!", the 6-year-old Iddybud steadfastly swore to naysaying companions
(all too familiar with reality).
"Throughout history, the elves have brought him information on who was good and who was naughty."

Meanwhile, back in 2003, some people ( such as Sweden's Foreign Minister ) still believe in the Lone Ranger! :)

Sweden's Lindh Calls Bush 'Lone Ranger' on Iraq
"Nobody should try to be the lone ranger... That is a threat today that you can see in several countries, and the fear is that the U.S. action (in Iraq) will increase the idea that other countries can act militarily without involving the U.N.," Lindh said.
U.S.-led forces toppled Iraqi president Saddam Hussein in April but are yet to find any weapons of mass destruction, given by Washington as the main justification for the war."



Last week, I asked: "How long do you think it will be before Colin Powell decides he needs to spend more time with his family?
In this weekend's news, we learn that Richard Haass is leaving the State Department (to be President of the Council on Foreign Relations).
A recent commentary about Haass' potential replacement (Foreign Policy In states:

"The fact that Powell has not put forward anyone of Haass' stature is being interpreted as an indication that
the retired general probably intends to step down himself after next year's election, if not

Also, from the commentary by political analyst Jim Lobe, he quotes Haass as saying:
" The reason I'm leaving is that this offer came along, and the opportunity to lead an organization with such tremendous influence is not something anyone would lightly pass up."

..Lobe then wryly throws this in:

Apparently, the State Department no longer fits that definition.