Monday, November 03, 2003


Mishun Acompleshd

The Movie


W as Top Gun Dubs

"Hey, Navy dudes...great banner.
I wouldn'ta hung it if I wuz you, but what's a Commander-in-chief to do?"

Dennis Miller as The Quintessential Non-Funny Con-median

"Good one, President Bush, babe..hey, man..
maybe we could get the French to take that banner down by telling them it's a truffle."

Ann Coulter as Eugene McCarthy's Illegitimate Daughter's Insane Maid

" You know, these damned liberals are such traitors.
First they whined about 16 words.
Now it's two measly words....
They're commies, I tell you....
....commies!!!!!! "

The anti-war camp was right, but that's no reason to be smug

The anti-war camp was right, but that's no reason to be smug
By Jonathan Freedland

It IS, however, reason to elect new American leadership in 2004.

Freedland is right on the money, however, when he says:

"..It's no good thinking, as some on the left have, that there could be merit in the US (especially) getting a bloody nose in Iraq."

"..People who can murder UN or Red Cross workers do not deserve to be viewed as warriors in a heroic anti-imperialist struggle."

"..Those who opposed the war need to start thinking ahead. Some activists are already doing just that, debating what needs to happen next."

"..occupiers have responsibilities: once they take over a country, it is up to them to make sure power and water work, schools and hospitals function. The Americans and Brits cannot just cut and run. Rather, they should work out a fast-track plan for a peaceful withdrawal, handing power over Iraq to Iraqis themselves...In place of an American pro-consul, the country needs to come under a UN mandate. This would require a loss of face by Washington, letting the likes of France and Germany in on the action, but the alternative -- young American soldiers remaining a shooting gallery for Iraqi fighters -- is surely worse."

"...the peace camp has to put its victory in the last argument behind it -- and fight the battle ahead."

I suggest a full reading of ths article.
It makes a world of sense.
Political schadenfreude is dandy until you realize that the Iraqis are suffering injustice upon injustice.

I only hope people will not forget the dangerous stupidity of Bush if and when this is all said and done.

Afghanistan to Remain a Theocracy

Afghanistan Will be 'Islamic Republic of Afghanistan'...
Nation to Remain a Theocracy

Will the progression from Islamic Emirate to Islamic Republic create conditions for healthy democracy at all?
Does the absence of sharia law equate to liberty?

An Islamic Republic is based more on obedience and allegiance and less on democracy.
There is always extreme contradiction when you have what constitutes the rule of God vs. the rights of citizens.
An open society, a crucial ingredient of healthy democracy, is discouraged when theocratic forces are allowed to


I am having serious doubts about America's post 9-11 success in Afghanistan.
It causes me grief to think our troops are dying for a similar result in Iraq.


Ref: Afghanistan Constitution

Clinton the Philosopher

Clinton the Philosopher

" Once you believe you have the absolute truth,
then it’s not possible for everyone to count..
or for everyone to have a role to play in the world.

There is a truth,
life is a search for it,
religion is a pathway to it,
but we’re all imperfect and nobody has it. "


William Jefferson Clinton
from a speech at Yale Center for the Study of Globalization
31 Oct 2003


Clinton the Democratic advisor

To a Yale student’s pessimistic query of how to battle what he perceived as a right-leaning uncritical media and the Republican dominance of the federal government, Clinton advised to fight against it.

"Instead of being bereft, go work for someone who wants to do something different and turn it around,"
the president said, pointing to the energy surrounding the presidential campaigns of Democrats Howard Dean and Gen. Wesley Clark.

NeoCon War Addict Michael Ledeen is absolutely jones-ing for more action

NeoCon War Addict Michael Ledeen is absolutely jones-ing for more action-
this time in Iran

Ledeen is fuming. Ready to explode. Dick Armitage is one of his main targets.
He's not too happy with Chuck Hagel or Dick Lugar, either.
You can almost see him jumping up and down all tight-fisted and frowny-faced screaming "Attack Iran, you hypocritical appeasers! Are you men or meeces?"

Yes...we know someone tried to off Ledeen's fellow NeoCon Paul Wolfowitz.
We at Iddybud blog are awfully glad they did not succeed. (Whoever they amazing it is that Ledeen claims to KNOW with such confidence).

I'd ask Mr Ledeen this question:
Do you care that we don't have the Military resilience to succeed in Iran?
I mean...we're stretched like last year's well-used rubber band.

Hey..but if Mr. Ledeen doesn't want to realistically support our troops or his President, fine.
Let him keep up his NeoCon whining and see where it gets him.

It's obvious he wants to see a clean-out of the State Department..the last dim hope of this utterly corrupt
and contemptuous administration.

I really don't think anyone's going to take him seriously anymore.

We tried listening to his version of visions of sugarplums in Iraq.

Yes..the same Iraq he's blathering blisteringly about now.

sugarplum visions collide with consequence,
Michael lies in bed while thousands lie dead.