Friday, November 19, 2004

Friday Recommendations

Friday Recommendations

I wrote an article for the American Street yesterday. Legislators and activists in the Republican party have been carrying things too far, deliberately driving our civil population farther and farther apart. It's time we began to see them for who they are. See: GOP: The Anti-Unity Party

Listen to Richard Reeves. I believe the man knows exactly what's going on.
"Looking back, I think [John Kerry] might have been better off if he denounced the war in Iraq as national folly -- if that is what he believes, and I don't know if it is."

"Rather than urge cautiousness, such automatic counter-claims quash all discussion of electoral fraud, as if the very notion were far-fetched. “This charge was false, so all charges must be wrong,” is the response that Karl Rove wants from us, as we will then conclude, conveniently for him, “Case closed!”.....

To forget or ignore all this and to accept—on faith—the mere say-so of Bush & Company (and our compliant media) is to make clear that you are not a member of what the Busheviks deride as “the reality-based community.” Those who help discredit false reports are doing that community, and this erstwhile democracy, a precious service. But, those who would abort the whole inquiry in the name of science or journalistic probity and “closure” are putting that community, and this nation, at grave risk."

- Mark Crispin Miller

I would like to say that I think that Evan Bayh is just about the most boring and uninspiring political creature currently existing on Planet Earth and I wish the mainstream media would stop featuring him as 'the next big thing'. I can't begin to tell you how sick I am of CNN telling me who my next candidate will be.