Friday, September 12, 2003

France and Germany seek full UN control over Iraq

France and Germany seek full UN control over Iraq

From The Guardian
Sept 10 2003

"....France and Germany will back the new UN resolution on Iraq sought by President George Bush only if the proposal gives the UN full political rule over the country..."

"...French sources insist they will approach the talks constructively, and not attempt to humiliate the US over its inability to restore order after the invasion..."

Latest From AP: Colin Powell says the United Nations "isn't ready to handle'' assuming all authority.
France is the most outspoken critic of the American plan, and wants a greater United Nations role and a faster timetable than the U.S. draft resolution proposes. Germany backs France's view.
Russia also wants the draft resolution to outline a specific timeframe for the arrival of international peacekeepers and restoring sovereignty

Bush Resignation Hailed by World Leaders
by Greg Palast

"[Washington] The surprise resignation of the forty-third President of the United States, George W. Bush, on the second anniversary of the terrorist attack on America, was hailed by chiefs of state throughout the world. Mr. Bush announced that after, "two years of bloodshed, economic devastation, and spreading fear in America and abroad," he saw no choice but to accept that, "I have held a title which I did not win, and for which I have proven unqualified."

The text of the former President's September 11 address to the nation follows:.........."

David Hackworth-Deja Vu

1965 Again?

Col. David Hackworth says that Bush's assertion that our battered, overstretched combat troops in Iraq would "never retreat" was a major deja vu moment. He cites mistakes of our American past when President Lyndon B. Johnson listened to an arrogant defense secretary and an all-knowing coterie of civilian and uniformed go-along types running the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff rather than some smart, straight-shooting field generals.
He says it looks like Bush is going down the same path.
He names names....saying America is in big trouble in Iraq and that "heads should roll – and the necks of Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Myers and Pace should be first on the chopping block."

You can read it here.

Bush snubbed NYC on 9-11 anniversary

Shamefully Pathetic--Bush Snubbed NYC on 9-11 Anniversary

For all the political mileage he sucks out of 9-11 on the perennial campaign trail day in/day out, Mr. Bush went nowhere near Manhattan yesterday on the second anniversary of the most dreadful attack on U.S. soil in history.
Now, you can say the President's a busy guy.
I'm sorry---too busy to drop in on the city that suffered most on that awful day?

VP Cheney came in like a ghost to a Riverside church memorial service and never said a whispery word!
Not a one. (While a few members of Riverside Church's global justice and peace ministry, who stood across the street from the church, held signs opposing the war in Iraq and reading "no blood for oil.")

You can say that the President and Vice President didn't want to cause a security problem for the families of the dead, and to that I say MALARKEY! Those two show up anywhere and everywhere and mouth off about 9-11 anytime that suits their political fancies.

They didn't show because it was not a good political move.

To me, this is the truest indicator of a miserably failed presidency.
The recent revelation about the Bush administration's involvement in deceit.. the lower Manhattan/EPA air quality only one of the many bitter pills New Yorkers have had to swallow.
Many families of the World Trade Center are angry with Mr. Bush by making war on Iraq in the names of their loved ones. New York City suffers economically as a result of the Bush flop-economy.

Mahattan was the weather vane on this sad anniversay.

All "politically-safe" indicators pointed Bush to any other place except NYC.

He stayed away..steered clear.

No bullhorns this year.

No one there at the World Trade Center missed him yesterday, either, I'd wager.

They were there to mourn their own...not to hear a bunch of political rhetoric, expolitation, lies, and exaggerations...they can hear Bush do that nealy every other day of the year.

No fear--he'll be back for the Republican National Convention to exploit 9-11 for every penny and parcel of publicity it's worth.

The little yellow-bellied coward couldn't face his stiffest critics.

See Paul Krugman's column today---Exploiting the Atrocity

The world-at-large expressed limited sympathy for the U.S. yesterday. You see, they have a NEW nation for which to feel sorry...