Monday, October 20, 2003

Beware of "new story" Being Spread by the mysterious "L", courtesy of Conservative Rumor Mills---it's an old and shady story

Beware of "new story" Being Spread by the mysterious "L", courtesy of Conservative Rumor Mills---it's an old and shady story

Two years ago on Frontline(PBS) there was an interview with Iraqi defector Saba Khodada. He spoke of the terrorist camp at Salman Pak.

He was asked:

[Did you hear that some of those training at the camp were working for Osama bin Laden?]

Khodada: Nobody came and told us, "This is Al Qaeda people," but I know there were some Saudis, there were some Afghanis. There were some other people from other countries getting trained. They didn't tell us they were part of Al Qaeda; there's no such thing. ... In this camp, we know that those are Saudis, or Arabs are getting trained. Nobody will talk about Al Qaeda or any other organization.

[They're just people.]

Khodad: Yes.

Salman Pak was no great secret to the U.S....nor was it ever proven that activities at Salman Pak were related whatsoever to 9-11.....that is, until now...when Bush and Cheney desperately need it to LOOK that way.

Enter the oh-so-credible "L" and his oh-so-verifiable(???) and new(???)story coming out...
Yet, for over two years it's been spread across the red meat Conserative rumor mills and it is being re-generated with new fevered embellishment at sites like Front Page and World Net Daily.....(the same reputable news source who told us Arafat was dead a couple weeks they're calling this a "new, breaking exclusive...dear God get me my barf bag!) Other spots I've seen the story: at the "selective Memri"(biased against Arabs) Middle East Media Research Institute. NewsMax loved Salman Pak, too. (Go read their story..they're all hot and bothered that Bush didn't jump on the Salman Pakwagon months ago).

Oh--and look who else loved talking about Salman Pak.

As an American, I'm so sick of being used for lies, innuendo, and exaggertion being used by these liars to make this unilateral attack upon Iraq look as if it was our only choice.

Bullshit, Front Page.
Bullshit, World Net Daily.
Bulshit, Memri.
Bullshit, Newsmax.
Bullshit, Rush.
Bullshit, INC.
Bullshit, "L".

"L" stands for lie. "L" story-- full of holes?

This is like the WMD lie-patrol starting up all over again.

Chalabi sucked Judith Miller in about the WMD stories and the NY Times fell right in line as suckers and made it front-page news.
It turned out to be total horsenuggets.

Here's Chalabi with one of his American bitches

Now Salman Pak is back...with the new and improved credibility of a dude named "L".
The NY Times had best be careful this time before printing this shit as gospel.

The Times already have at least one story (June 2002) about the training camp.

After Jayson Blair and Judith Miller in one year, they cannot afford to get sucked down the credibility drain in their rush to grab headlines from the usual Conservative total-shit rumor.

Read this for more skepticism about this shady story.

It's time we stop allowing ourselves to be brainwashed, people!


From the FRONTLINE website: "Sabah Khodada was a captain in the Iraqi army from 1982 to 1992. He worked at what he describes as a highly secret terrorist training camp at Salman Pak (see Khodada's hand-drawn map of the camp), an area south of Baghdad. In this translated interview, conducted in association with The New York Times on Oct. 14, 2001, Khodada describes what went on at Salman Pak, including details on training hijackers. He emigrated to the U.S. in May 2001. (Editor's Note: Although U.S. officials acknowledge terrorists were trained at Salman Pak, they say it is unlikely that these activities were related to the Sept. 11 attacks. It should also be noted that the two defectors interviewed for this report have been brought to FRONTLINE's attention by members of the Iraqi National Congress (INC), a dissident organization seeking to overthrow Saddam Hussein.)

Tough Talk from Sierra Times Columnist Means Little

Tough Talk from Sierra Times Columnist Means Little

Guest columnist Doug Hagin says of the Democratic party:

"....They have become a party of
pessimism, and a party, which puts America’s interest below their need for power."

First, the Sierra Times should have a better editor.
Their punctuation is horrendous.

Second, think about that statement:

"puts America's interest below their need for power." you mean someone who would send troops into dreaded harm's way without a decent plan for their
reasonable safety and security?
Someone who would use lies and exaggerations to lead his people into that same war?
Someone who would stonewall an investigation into the worst attack on America in history?
Someone who would prop and support his business associates in Saudi Arabia..the very nation who virtually attacked Americans in that attack on 9-11?
Someone who would support his business associates and campaign contributors who are raking in $2 out of every
THREE tax-dollars spent on the Iraq war?
Someone who created the most monstrous deficit in American history and asks middle class America for more sacrifice for war costs while asking nothing from..even rewarding his wealthy contributors?
Someone who has been totally ineffective at ensuring airport security as evidenced this week when a young man turned the Homeland security charade upside down?
Someone who nauseatingly hyped Iraq's "imminent threat" while reversing his policy on ignoring Korea's threat to America?
Someone who tells lies *er--I mean careless and ignorant mischaracterizations--* to foreign nations while at the same time overcommits his tired Military and unjustly talks down his own nation's Congress?

This isn't about retaining power?
This isn't about placing power interests before the interests of individual Americans?!

As for Doug Hagin, I'm afraid he's a pathetic sap.
He might as well drink some more of the KoolAid.

Doug lost me when he compared Dennis Kucinich to Elmer Fudd.

The Sierra Times comments on their website:
" any contribution is desperately needed and always accepted."

Their desperation is showing.

If I could talk to Doug Hagin, I'd say
"Get a clue, Doug Hagin. The Democratic party is a party of hope in what seems to be a hopeless time."

Doug should read some Al Franken.
Conservative Becky Miller did...even though she says she had to 'plug her nose' a few times...

Becky said:

"...The leaders we conservatives have trusted have taken advantage of our trust to line the pockets of the wealthy and powerful, and it's time we rose up and drove out these greedy liars. They've hijacked and distorted our belief system for their own gain, and in doing so are destroying our credibility.

And if we decent, honest, hard-working, patriotic, true-blue conservatives of this country neglect the duty we have to our children and grandchildren, we will never be able to work with those decent, honest, hard-working, patriotic, true-blue liberal Americans that these lying creeps have taught us to despise..."

Jerusalem Post:Candidate Dean hits Saudis on terrorism

Howard Dean in the News

A doctor in the house
Scotsman Online

This is an extremely informative article about Gov. Dean.


"...As Dean criss-crosses the country, his grass-roots rebellion grows in strength. His opponents have stepped up their attacks on him, arguing that he’s a reckless fraud, incapable of winning support in the south, and an electoral disaster waiting to happen. Far from being discouraged by this, Dean’s supporters see it as proof that their man is the only candidate capable of delivering. As they put it, their country is sick and only a doctor can cure its ills - a doctor named Howard Dean."


Jerusalem Post:
Candidate Dean hits Saudis on terrorism

Oct. 20, 2003

"......Dean said arms sales to Saudi Arabia should be used as leverage with the Saudis, even though the US is not interested in bringing about a revolution there. He said that, if elected, dealing with Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia would be a focus of his foreign policy.

According to Dean, the US should make public the role Saudi Arabia plays in world terrorism. He took the Bush administration to task for censoring 21 pages of the government's report on the September 11 attacks, saying this was done in order to hide Saudi involvement from the public.

But rather than protecting the Saudis, Dean said, the US should be making them feel uncomfortable..."


Democrats tempted to rethink funding
by Dick Polman
Philadephia Inquirer
20 Oct 2003

".....Howard Dean may soon decide to spurn public financing in 2004 - despite his original promise, uttered in March and repeated in June, to respect the historic reforms that were sponsored primarily by Democrats in the aftermath of Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal in the 1970s. If Dean opts out, rival John Kerry says he may do the same.

With Bush already opting out for the second time, any major Democratic defection would essentially signal a bipartisan renunciation of the system..."

"....Dean strategists now think they may stand a better chance of winning the nomination, and beating Bush, if they run a privatized campaign."


Pat Buchanan thinks Dean will be "the one", but stands no real chance of beating Bush

".....If Bush and Karl Rove, using the $170 million they plan to raise by spring, can paint Dean as pro-homosexual weddings, pro-hiking taxes and "soft on Saddam," Dean and the Democrats could face a wipeout

Nothing is certain in politics. Few predicted the Bush swoon of last summer. And the economy could go into that "double-dip" recession some predict. But as of now, it looks like "Four More Years!" for GWB."


Princeton loves Howard Dean