Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Real Men Aren't Metrosexual?

Real Men Aren't Metrosexual (?)....
Being Anti-Iraq-War is Gay...No decent Republican is Metrosexual...
infers Columnist Mark Steyn

Someone should suggest to Steyn that he use a better ending for his columns
than his cheapshot "Nah-Nah"-quality
"Or maybe that 7.2 percent economic growth will collapse to 6.4 percent.."

That 7.2 percent, over time will prove to be like the first little pig's house.
One huff..one puff of stinky air and it's bound to be blown to hell with no solid foundation.

"7.2%, eh?"
( (whooooooooooosssshhhh) )

As Paul Krugman quoted the late Herbert Stein in today's NY Times column,
"Things that can't go on forever, don't."

A real man---a political metrosexual--would understand that in his trying to see Venus best
from his vantage point on Mars,
there is a very, very big picture to be viewed.
A dynamo-American political metrosexual would be concerned with liberty and justice for all instead of living in a state of denial in dark ignorance.
It is no sin for a real man to change his mind when he sees what a blooming disaster has been
produced by his darkness.
Ego-driven Republican men tend to fail to see things clearly and therefore fail to
do the right things..even though they claim to BE 'the Right'. What's worse, ego-driven Republican men tend to
pridefully and stubbornly hold to their "absolute truths" and destroy others in the process.
In order for any of us to 'do the right thing', we first need to see not only Mars,
but Venus and the rest of the big picture.

There is an entire universe out here, boys.

That's why I love Metrosexuals. They see the true and right relationship of all things.
That's the only path to liberty and justice for ourselves and for our brothers and sisters.

Oh---and they usually have the hottest coifs and threads.

Too, too Mars

No hinge-head hairdos will do for our men.

And ohhhh, they understand the secret to a happy life is well-moisturized skin!

Metrosexuals have the secret to happiness

I'm glad Steyn admits to being a Metrosexualphobe.

It confirms every suspicion I've ever had about the collective ego of the GOP male population.

Guess what?
Women adore Metrosexuals...

..and we still have the right to vote, much to your bloody chagrin.

Andrew Cohen on 21st century enlightenment

Andrew Cohen on 21st century enlightenment

What does enlightenment mean in the 21st century?

What does enlightenment mean in the 21st century? It really means everything. It means the evolution of our species and the survival of our species. It doesn't mean anything less than that. And very practically, it means that more and more of us have to be willing to recognize who we truly are, take responsibility for the implications, and be willing to live the gift of human life for very different reasons than the ones we've been living for up until now.

Andrew Cohen
Oslo, Norway, May 2003

from AndrewCohen.org

or additional inspiration, see The Guru and the Pandit
-Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber in dialogue.

Andy Rooney: "If I Were Bush's Speechwriter ..."

Andy Rooney: "If I Were Bush's Speechwriter ..."

Here's at least one good thing from CBS this week.

The bad news is that the cowardly CBS has allowed themselves to be censored by the free market.
The unobjective screamers who have never seen the television movie about Ronald Reagan
have ensured that it will be hidden from non-premium TV-customers' sight due to a risk of financial damage
to the network through advertising loss.

When first amendment rights are removed by 'special interests', via the free market, which is what has doubtlessly occurred here, we see
just another example of how "liberty" is imperfectly produced by the free market.

There were no real debates...no votes...only loud complants from a few partisan people with a stick up their ass
about artistic freedom.

I plan to boycott the integrity-challenged CBS and their sponsors..period.
I hate most of their shows, anyhow. They've nearly broken Dan Rather. He even looks broken nowadays..have you noticed?
CSI (not 'Miami') is about the only worthwhile production I've seen there in the past five years.

The damage caused to CBS by the silent majority will wind up doing them far more damage
than they could possibly imagine.

I hope the Showtime version omits nothing from the original script.