Tuesday, July 15, 2003


Hey, pal..yeah..look over here...it's the Father of your country speaking....

I came clean when I chopped down that cherry tree.
The least you could do is to be a real man and fess up about all your dirty lies.

Don't make me come down from here and show you what for.
I may look like stone, but I can still kick your lying ass."
Re-post of an oldie-but-goodie....it rings just as true today
as it did on June 5th when I first presented it to you...maybe even more so!

Sing-a-long time!
Sing this to the oldies tune

George W Bush singing to his missing adversary Saddam Hussein:

"I fibbed 'bout WMD..
And I don't have victory...
I don't have anything
Since I don't have you-u-u-u

I don't have proof you died..
And most folks think that I've lied...
I don't have anything
Since I don't have you-u

I ain't had much success..
And I guess..
I never will ever again
When you escaped from me..
In walked old mystery..
And it's been here since then..

I don't have your DNA
To prove I blew you away
I don't have anything
Since I dont have you-u,you-u....."

by Iddybud

Brights are coming out of the closet?

From NY Times July 12, 2003
The Bright Stuff

A recent Dennet interview from Reason Online: http://www.reason.com/0305/fe.rb.pulling.shtml

Brights network on the web: http://www.the-brights.net/

See Religion/Politics research statistics: Pew Research Center Report- Religion and Politics: the Ambivalent Majority

See Professor Larry Lessig's blog for Howard Dean's guest-blogposting!

Howard Dean begins.....

"It’s been a busy day, but it’s great to blog here on Larry Lessig’s blog.

I’ll be writing all week, but if there’s a day I can’t make it, Joe Trippi, my campaign manager, will fill in for me. Thank you Professor Lessig for inviting me.

The Internet might soon be the last place where open dialogue occurs......"

Instinct is an animal grace.
Truth eludes us in all these inner wars
between passion and prudence...
reason and spirit...

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment;
Cleverness is mere opinion
Bewilderment is intuition."

Jalal-uddin Rumi

P-I Focus: Power of presidency resides in language as well as law

By Renana Brooks
Clinical Psychologist

"...Bush's opponents must combat his dark imagery with hope and restore American vigor and optimism in the coming years.
They should heed the example of Reagan, who used optimism against Carter and the "national malaise";
Franklin Roosevelt, who used it against Hoover and the pessimism induced by the Depression ("the only thing we have to fear is fear itself");
and Clinton (the "Man from Hope"), who used positive language against the senior Bush's lack of vision. This is the linguistic prescription
for those who wish to retire Bush in 2004....
The Dubious Suicide of George Tenet
By William Rivers Pitt
t r u t h o u t | Perspective

"....Tenet's confession is designed to take the heat off," says McGovern, "to assign some responsibility somewhere. It's not going to work. There's too much deception here. For example, Condoleezza Rice insisted that she only learned on June 8 about Former Ambassador Wilson's mission to Niger back in February 2002. That means that neither she nor her staff reads the New York Times, because Nick Kristof on May 6 had a very detailed explication of Wilson's mission to Niger. In my view, it is inconceivable that her remark this week - that she didn't know about Joe Wilson's mission to Niger until she was asked on a talk show on June 8 - that is stretching the truth beyond the breaking point...."