Sunday, February 12, 2006



I hope that Harry Whittington will be okay after being shot accidentally by VP Dick Cheney while hunting quail. I'm sure the fact that Mr. Whittington, a Republican loyalist, was appointed Texas State Funeral Service Commissioner by former Governor George W. Bush will not be lost on the late night television show humorists.

WaPo's Joel Achenbach snidely says that he finds the story "reassuring..."
Cheney is a man who doesn't just talk the talk. No, if he's going to send American soldiers into harm's way, where they might be shot at any moment by a deranged fanatic, he's also going to do the same thing to his close personal friends. He's giving his hunting buddies a taste of life in the Cheney Era, when you count yourself lucky just to get out alive.
My comment? I'll bet he was a "hero in error."


Pointin' To Who Dunnit

Deadeye Dick
by Iddybud

Deadeye Dick went out with his pals
Lookin' to flush out a covey o'quails
The birds flew up, Dick raised his gun
The birddogs barked in the Texas sun

Dick imagined the quail and grits
Once he'd bagged those precious hits
Hurry, Dick - you must not tarry
Yowza, Dick - you just shot HARRY!

Dick thought: How can this be spun
To not look like "Girlie man with a gun?"
How to minimize Harry's terror
So Dick could he be a "hero in error?"


* * * Credits roll with theme song from "the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance"..(lyrics modified.) Dick is riding away on his trusty bird-dog toward the West Texas sunset.

"The man who shot Harry Whittington.. he was the bravest of them all......"

Credit for Cheney photo belongs solely to

Islamophobia Top Ten

Islamophobia Top Ten

Numbers of stories about Islamophobia are increasing in the Google News archives:











Boggers Being Spied On by Government

How dreadful. Glenn Greenwald analyzes a story you'd expect to hear about a government in some Banana Republic whose government fear being found out - exposed for the crony-enriching mess that it's become. We should be alarmed that he's talking about the United States.

The same goes for this story.

Especially this one.