Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Ben Barnes Tells on Bush-Next "60 Minutes"

Ben Barnes Tells on Bush-
Next"60 Minutes"

The Republican campaign is bracing itself for the next media frenzy, as former Texas official Ben Barnes, who says he pulled strings to get George W. Bush into the Air National Guard finally goes public on CBS' 60 Minutes this Sunday.

You can see a video of Barnes discussing how he got Bush into the National Guard HERE.

Breaking: Bush Wages War on American Speech

Breaking News:
Bush Wages War on
American Speech

In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, the Bush campaign has argued that the FEC is taking too long to address what the campaign calls illegal spending of corporate, union and big individual donations to influence the presidential race, namely 527s. [LINK]

Who will fight for us Americans when our leader fights against our freedom?

Why does Senator John McCain say he wants to go to Congress this month with legislation to outlaw the soft-money groups?

Proposing legislation against the 527s is fascist in nature when you consider that we have a situation where one party dominates every branch of American government and has corporate media working to filter out dissent and truth (as we saw pre-Iraq invasion).

Erasing American dissent is clearly the goal here.
That is fascism, my dear readers.

Our freedom is at risk.

I'm seldom in line with George Will, but listen to his words with care and caution:
"....the political class feels free to act with scandalous impunity, as in this Bush-Kerry collaboration to silence what the political class persistently calls "outside groups." A question: Outside of what?"

Mystery: Signal from 1000 Light Years Away

Mystery: Signal from
1000 Light Years Away

"We are not jumping up and down, but we are continuing to observe it."

A group of scientists believe they have received a message from extra-terrestrials in the form of unexplained radio signals emanating from a point between the constellations of Pisces and Aries, where there is no obvious star or planetary system within 1,000 light years. [LINK]

Miller/Santorum: Ambiguously Gay Busters

"No, he's the queer-hater."

*Feel free to submit your own captions in the comments section below.

Lewis Black Comments on RNC

Lewis Black Comments on RNC

Hear Comedy Central's Lewis Black comment on the RNC at NPR. He speaks to Neal Conan.
Go to 8:00 (8 minutes) to get directly to Lewis' appearance on the show. It's quite amusing.

I saw Lewis on Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN) tonight after a "Barney-Cam" RNC Video was shown. Lewis mocked it totally because, frankly, it was simply stupid.
Karl Rove did an assinine imitation of the Howard Dean scream. Andrew Card was the only one with comic timing.

Kerry: "We're the Can-Do People"

John Kerry:
"We're the Can-Do People"

In a speech today at the American Legion in Nashville, John Kerry assured the people that, contrary to what GW Bush has recently flipped and equivocated about, we can and we will win the war on terror because we Americans are the "Can-Do" people.
We can do a better job revitalizing old alliances and Kerry assures us he's the one to do it with real success (as opposed to the catastrophic failure success of Dubya).

Hope and Willful Ignorance

Hope is not a strategy, said Michael Steele at last night's speech to the RNC.

Hearing Steele speak last night, I see that Republicans have tried to turn Barak Obama's words around and accuse Democrats of willful ignorance because of their hope. I laugh in spite of my serious self when I consider the reality.

It was willful ignorance that led our nation to an unnecessary war in Iraq. Willfull, stubborn, uncompromising, careless in exposing Americans to an unnecessary war fought virtually alone, careless in American treasure and American lives, careless in Iraqi civilian lives, safety, and property.

"...there's nothing we can't do if we put our mind and muscle into it. In the end, the terrorists will lose, and we will win. The future doesn't belong to fear, it belongs to freedom."

--John Kerry 9-1-04

Hope vs. Hopelessness

Hope is not a strategy.
Hope leads to the meaningful and fruitful win.

Hopelessness destroys alliances, causes embittered national division, costs taxpayers trillions in past and future war expenses, takes the lives of hundreds of thousands and breeds terror amongst hundreds of thousands more.

Hopelessness is a loser.

Hope According to Martin Luther King Jr.

Hope is not a strategy.
It's true that you can't put a quart in a pint cup, but Martin Luther King Jr's words ring in my ears:
"If you lose hope, somehow you lose the vitality that keeps life moving, you lose that courage to be, that quality that helps you go on in spite of it all. And so today I still have a dream."
I have not lost hope, but I've lost faith and trust in the Bush administration. I can't look, with realistic hope, to the future and imagine this leader, GW Bush, forming the strength-in-alliance necessary to defeat the teror that is stalking not only our nation, but the world. Some of the world's leaders are not acting in their own nation's behalf by joining in this fight, and while John McCain said we have every right to expect they should, GW Bush (who should be the one to set the best example for the world) has never found a way to convince world leaders to trust him.

I don't trust George W. Bush as our Commander-in-Chief. I believe he's an ignorant fellow who's in way over his head and that frightens me and by God, it should frighten you.

Bush is "President No-Can-Do"

A "Can-Do" people need a "Can-Do" leader.

The Bush policy is hopeless as it stands.
He promises to stay the course.

He told us the war was not winnable.

Bush is President No-Can-Do.


Hellooo, RNC? Remember me?

"9/11" has been invoked hundreds of times at RNC.
The name of the fugitive who orchestrated the murder has been shunned like an Amish whore.

"Democrat" Zell Miller Hates Democrats

Heil to the Chief

"Democrat" Zell Miller
Hates Democrats

Zell Miller, with the help of Chris Wallace, wound up looking like a nasty little hypocrite last Sunday on FOX News Sunday. He expressed nothing but regret for the way he believes the Democratic party has progressed and blames them, 100%, for not supporting George Bush's radically right-skewed misleadership these past four years.

Many talk about what they call "Bush-hating". At the RNC podium tonight, Zell Miller will be representing the ultimate in hatred--the hatred of his own party.

English poet/critic Samuel Johnson said that "No man is a hypocrite in his pleasures". Zell Miller, if not a hypocrite, is taking pleasure in supporting the worst president in our nation's history at the expense of the members of the party to which he claims to belong.

The ultimate political betrayal.

Political writer Michael Crowley recently referred to Miller as "a cartoonish GOP partisan" and I think he's right on the money.

Zell Miller's betrayal of the Democratic party cannot be anything but a personal vendetta. I believe he's let his pride and ego become far more important than the party to which he says he belongs. He obviously detests anyone or anything remotely connected with the word "liberal".
He's feeling slighted...alone.
He is alone, for all intents and purposes.
He will be alone at the podium of the RNC tonight.

New Southern Democrats have come to take their place in a South that has progressed while Zell was still living in the South where, if you didn't want a black fellow hanging out in your establishment, you'd take a baseball bat and whack him about the head.

I find him to be a disgusting political creature.
True to nothing, easily discarded.

I'm sorry, Mr. Miller, it's time.
Time for you to get out of the way and let the new South breathe.

Get the hell out of our party if you hate it.