Sunday, June 11, 2006

America: Do You Want War, War and More War?

America: Do You Want War, War and More War?

Your President does.
Listen to Bill Christison, former CIA analyst. His most pressing point:
This writer's belief is that the only long-term hope the world has of avoiding a quite widespread further proliferation of nuclear weapons to additional nations in the coming decade is for the U.S. to undertake honest and serious multilateral negotiations aimed at eliminating nuclear weapons everywhere.



This headline made me want to scream "No sh*t, Dick Tracey!"

Juan Cole talks about the elevation for al Zarqawi from serial killer to legend because of the war in Iraq. Gee, thanks, Bush administration. Mr. Cole quotes what he calls a "chilling" exaggeration of al Zarqawi's importance:
'Thirty-year-old professor Ahmad Yassin said 'the martyrdom of the jihadist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi represents a grave loss for both the Arab and Islamic Worlds. We lost a great man who died defending the Islamic civilization from Zionist imperialism. I don't think this man can be replaced.' link
And Mr. Cole's informed comment:

Zarqawi would just have been a serial killer if he had lived in normal times, the sort where police are surprised to find hundreds bodies buried in his back lot, and suddenly solving missing persons cases in the region for years back. That anyone at all, much less a highly educated intellectual, could speak of him in these glowing terms sends chills down my spine. Because it means he has a legacy.
We need to rethink how we are "fighting terror." Unless the object is to generate more terrorists.

By the way, where is Osama Bin Laden, who they say actually masterminded the 9/11 attacks? Why are talking heads like Brit Hume saying that Al Zarqawi "eclipsed" Bin Laden in Iraq? Wait - I know. Because Iraq never had a thing to do with 9/11 and they have not been able to capture Bin Laden for five years.

I'm glad they got their substitute boogey-man, but if I have to see that dead head portrait with the two bloody gross-out nostrils once more, I think I'll heave.

One heartless, soulless ideologue says this today:

"The importance that the left
puts on capturing or killing Bin Laden
is almost laughable

Dear God. After 9/11. Imagine that.

On the road to believing any crumb of a lie fed to these soulless Americans by a leader they blindly follow, how soon they forget.
How soon.

Tar Heel Tavern #68

Tar Heel Tavern #68

Ron Hudson has hosted an inspiring collection of posts about Belonging at 2Sides2Ron for the 68th edition of the Tar Heel Tavern. Don't miss it!

Ron's own poignant post on Belonging is here.

I enjoyed viewing Ogre's suggested pictorial collection on his perception of Belonging.

Screwy Hoolie's message runs in the same field as my own. Long and strong may they run.

Jude is Elmo

Jude is Elmo


Jude scored
54% Organization,
76% abstract,
and 52% extroverted!
(Take the test here)

This test measured 3 variables.
First, this test measured how organized you are. Some muppets like Cookie Monster make big messes, while others like Bert are quite anal about things being clean.

Second, this test measured if you prefer a concrete or an abstract viewpoint. For the purposes of this test, concrete people are considered to gravitate more to mathematical and logical approaches, whereas abstract people are more the dreamers and artistic type.

Third, this test measured if you are more of an introvert or an extrovert. By definition, an introvert concentrates more on herself and an extrovert focuses more on others. In this test an introvert was somebody that either tends to spend more time alone or thinks more about herself.

You are mostly organized, more abstract, and both introverted and extroverted.

Most people either love or hate Elmo. I hope you love Elmo, because that's who you are.

You are both somewhat organized. You have a good idea where you put things and you probably keep your place reasonably clean. You aren't totally obsessed with neatness though. Elmo has the same basic approach. His place is pretty tidy, but he doesn't spend all of his time cleaning it up.

You both are abstract thinkers. You definitely are not afraid to take chances in life. You only live once. You may notice others around you playing it safe, but you are more concerned with not compromising your desires, and getting everything you can out of life. This is a very romantic approach to life, but hopefully you are also grounded enough to get by. Elmo's whole life is based on fantasy and his imagination. In the beginning he was a regular character, but now he spends most of his time in this fantasy world.

You are both somewhat extroverts. Like Elmo, you probably like to have some time to yourself, but you do appreciate spending time with your friends, and you aren't scared of social situations. Elmo spends some of his time with real friends, but he also needs some time just to chat it up with his goldfish.

* Jude's test tracked 3 variables.
How she compared to other people her age and gender:
Jude scored higher than 24% on Organization
Jude scored higher than 95% on concrete-abstract (wow!)
Jude scored higher than 24% on introvert-extrovert


Digging through my pictures....

That's me on the Mayflower
sitting on a sack of rice
amid baskets and bush els

My niece gets really sad when the song Happy Birthday is sung.

Autumn, Ryan, and Me
Rochester NY

My dad standing next to a Shinto statue in Nemero, Japan

Baby Elvis, Baby Zorro

Sunset, Adirondack Mountains

Me - on a Christmas long ago.

My brother the cowboy

John with unibrow

I like birds

Back Yard

Me and Barb
Near Ithaca, NY

Cape Cod