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US Soldiers to America: ''Bring us home now; we’re dying for oil and corporate greed!''

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Coalition For Free Thought In Media
October 2003

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'Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy'

'Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy'
From Asia Times Online:
Anti-empire forces strike back
By Jim Lobe

"We are more isolated from the general opinions of mankind than at any time in history." Scott McConnell

"The United States today is far less safe than it was several years ago, because we have weakened the international architecture which helped protect us." Charles Kupchan

Article excerpt:
"....Representatives of a new coalition of prominent foreign policy scholars and analysts whose political views range from right to center-left announced on Thursday that they hope to spearhead opposition to the imperial policies pursued by the administration of US President George W Bush.

Leaders of the "Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy" charged that the administration is moving "in a dangerous direction toward empire", an idea that they said has never been embraced by the US public.

The spokespersons said that they will hold a series of policy forums and conferences around the country, publish papers and articles, and represent an anti-imperial viewpoint on television and radio, media that, since September 11, 2001, have been largely dominated by pro-imperial or pro-war voices...."


Joel Mowbray on Malaysia

Joel Mowbray:
Pat Robertson's Partner in Anti-State Dept Terror Threat Thinks Malaysian PM is the Cat's Meow?

This was written by Joel Mowbray, who recently inspired Pat Robertson to articulate his desire to "nuke Foggy Bottom". The article was written in early 2002. His words are interesting, to say the least, when we look back to the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir's actions this week. It sounds as if Mowbray's either incredibly wrong (although I give him benefit of doubt) or Bush was incredibly unsuccessful in prioritizing his administration's diplomatic agenda this past year and a half.

Was Mowbray asleep at the intellectual wheel..or was Bush the diplomatically drowsy dud?

"....Malaysia has suddenly appeared on the foreign policy radar.....our national security can only be enhanced if we forge stronger ties with Malaysia. Given the succession of high-profile arrests recently in neighboring nations, fostering a greatly enhanced relationship with Malaysia will prove to be a vital component of anti-terror efforts in Southeast recent revelations make painfully clear, we cannot wait any longer before fully engaging Malaysia as a strategic partner in our war on terror....Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, leader of the moderate ruling party, is already working to establish a positive relationship with the Bush administration.... Although Malaysia is not a perfect nation, it is an ideal partner for combating terrorism...As we search for new allies, Malaysia must top the list....

The Malaysian PM betrayed the hidden (and sometimes not-so-hidden) abhorrence for Jews that is prevalent
in most Islamic states today
I wonder if Mowbray still feels the same way about Malaysia today?


In my opinion, Mowbray is an intelligent young man with a misplaced anger toward the State Department.
Take this article about Saudi Arabia, for example.
You must ask all his finger-pointing, why does he stop with the State Department?
I wonder if, in all fairness, he ever talks about the close business and economic ties between the Bush family and the bin Ladens...or the Bush family and the Saudi royals?

Here's another very recent example of Mowbray's misplaced anger toward the State Department (as if they were totally independent from the Bush administration): "...State Department spokesman Richard Boucher threw a tantrum Thursday. The cause of his ire? Not foreign dictators or nuclear-armed tyrants. Boucher's wrath was targeted at Pat Robertson, whose recent remarks the State Department has blasted as "despicable."

It was despicable...face reality, Joel. Flippant or not flippant, it was despicable.
You fail to mention Bush press secretary McClellan's comments:

Oct 14:

Q Can I follow up on Pat Robertson?

MR. McCLELLAN: Go ahead.

Q Will the President -- besides not finding those comments helpful, I wonder if the President feels that he should have no involvement with Pat Robertson, whatever, going forward, and that Pat Robertson should not play any role in any kind of unofficial way in helping him in reelection, in any kind of supportive role.

MR. McCLELLAN: No, again --

Q Would the President like Robertson to keep his distance?

MR. McCLELLAN: Again, I think that those comments were harmful. And he, himself, said that he should not have said that. I think the comments were wrong, and he has since said so.

Q So it's all forgiven?

*No reply.....*

Saudi Arabia--the land of the 9-11 Murderers

Protestors Tear-gassed and Arrested for
Wanting Democracy and An End to Terrorism

Saudi protesters call for more freedoms

2003-10-16 / Associated Press /
Hundreds of Saudis staged an illegal protest in the capital, an unprecedented call for reform in this conservative Islamic kingdom.

Police fired tear gas to break up Tuesday's demonstration, which followed months of public debate, also a rarity, over growing terrorism. Critics charge that a lack of democratic freedoms has made the kingdom a breeding ground for extremists.

The Saudi royal family has been under pressure to bring democratic reform to the country since the September 11, attacks and increasing terrorist violence at home. Fifteen of the 19 September 11 hijackers were Saudi.


Saudi Princes Claiming Immunity on 9-11 Lawsuit

They have enough money to buy them a great "out", I suppose.
It's not like the U.S. government will put any pressure on them..they get away with murder and the U.S. always finds a new spot on their ass for a new, wet, sloppy kiss.

A historical glimpse of Saudi Arabia's reform movement

See Notes on the War on Terrorism

If terrorism is to truly be diminished, Saudi Arabia MUST change....and America must no longer be held
economic hostage to them.
We'll never be a free nation or a free people while we are so closely tied to the very nation that virtually attacked
us on 9-11.

Nah-nah, Saudi Arabia---
I can say anything I want about you whilst I'm bloggin'....
and STILL keep my noggin!
What a bargain!
Ain't it great to be American!!