Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Georgia: Was the 'Velvet Revolution' a Myth?

Georgia: Was the 'Velvet Revolution' a Myth?
Violence Erupts in Georgia

This is a follow-up story to my blog of December 8th.
Bush Needs to Worry


"FLORIDA: H.U.D. SECRETARY RESIGNS Mel Martinez, who has been urged by the White House to run for the Senate in Florida, said he was resigning as secretary of housing and urban development. Mr. Martinez, a Cuban-born former chief executive of Orange County, Fla., has been near the bottom in polls for the Senate seat being vacated by a Democrat, Bob Graham. Bush political strategists have asked him to run, concerned that the candidacy of another Republican, Representative Katherine Harris, Florida's secretary of state during the disputed 2000 presidential voting, may hurt the president." (AP)

The word is out that Bush is afraid. He's worried...with good reason.
A Katherine Harris Senate-campaign in Florida will strike a nasty blow to his chances for 2004 Presidential re-election. Her run might cause a blood-boiling mental regurgitation of Election 2000 and spur all of us 'irrational mouth-frothing' Democrats to actually come out and vote. (As if we've forgotten 2000, anyhow).
It's rumoured that Karl Rove is pushing for HUD's Mel Martinez to run a Senate campaign in Florida to edge Katie out.

Some thanks, eh, Ms. Harris?
You're their sweetheart one day, their dirty scourge the next.

Kate-how she looked to the GOP in 2000:

How she looks to the GOP in 2004:

"Get thee away, o pestilent augury of shame!"

Bush should be worried.
Unless the GOP can get away with another blatant heist of democracy, he's going to lose another Presidential election..and this time he won't get to pretend he won (unless he pretends in front of his mirror back in Crawford).

We the People (and the rest of the world) have our eyes trained on Diebold, all electoral processes, the dire need for fair elections, the partisan Supreme Court, the virtual road blocks created by partisans to prevent citizen participation,

....and the angry red-faced GOP men-mobs with totally non-metrosexual conservative coifs sporting neatly pressed dockers and uniform sweaty white shirts screaming intimidatingly while blocking County canvassing-board doors.

(I can't help it. When I think about the great already-existing powers-that-be behind their machinery, these GOP intimidators reminded me of those nice clean-cut blonde haired blue-eyed Jew-hating men in 1940s-Nazi Germany..or 2000's Italy...only they are liberal-haters).


Here is a related article about Florida and National Politics from a hometown 'Treasure-Coast' columnist -Joe Crankshaw:
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