Wednesday, December 22, 2004

From The Edwards'/To the Edwards'

And the same to you, Edwards family.
May 2005 find you all healthy and happy.



"I'll fight hard on the things that I care about," [John] Edwards said on PBS' "Charlie Rose Show" last week. "And that means, I hope, working on some specific projects that can be accomplished over the next few years. Concrete things.

"It also means speaking, speaking here, and maybe speaking abroad, working on some ideas and some public policy institutes."

Elizabeth Edwards said she expects her husband to be out campaigning for congressional and state legislative candidates during the 2006 election. Asked whether she wants him to run for president again in 2008, she replied: "I want him to be a voice in this process."

"I wanted him to be president," she said. "That's why I campaigned so hard in the primaries. And if I still feel the same way in 2007, I'll probably want him to be president then. But it's not 2007."


I can't wait for 2007, already. *wink*

Keith Olbermann Reports on the Clinton Curtis Story

Keith Olbermann Reports on the Clinton Curtis Story

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann has released the Clinton Curtis story - albeit carefully. A review of the comments from the public shows a mixed reaction. Some believe Mr. Olbermann did not broadcast an accurate rendering of the story, as we've come to understand it on Raw Story and Brad Blog. Others are, at the very least, glad Mr. Olbermann was brave enough to take the story on, especially in the face of great intimidation from the likes of Congressman Tom Feeney, who threatened legal action with nearly every question he answered in an interview which he granted to MSNBC.

At Raw Story, there is dismay expressed at the observation that Mr. Olbermann, for all intents and purposes, seems to have taken Yang's lawyer at his word and failed to report about the case involving Yang's employment of an illegal alien who attempted to send missile technology to Beijing. (A case rife with the possibility of anti-American activity).

I would hope we would appreciate Mr. Olbermann for what he is trying to do, which is to accept the responsibility he has, as a professional journalist, to keep track of what is being discussed in the blogosphere and put this case out to the public - to let them know what's happening in the undercurrent and allow truth to emerge, if there is a deeper truth to be found. We all know how tough it must be to convince your corporate media bosses to allow you to let a story like this one to fly in the first place. Keith is sticking his neck out, and I don't think we should chop it off with expectation that he will talk like a grassroots blogger. That's not what he is, even if he writes a blog. I do respect him for what he's doing, in light of the capacity in which he's capable of doing it.


Here are excerpts from comments at Raw Story:

"If there is an ounce of truth to this article Congressman Feeney, YEI, State of Florida, George & Jeb Bush and our system of government have major problems. Considering the seriousness of Mr. Curtis accusations in the notarized statement and possible crimes that may have been committed the US Government should provide protection for Mr. Curtis, Yang and Cohen until it can check out the circumstances surrounding this event. The legal power (power of Congress, power of subpoena, whatever) must be used to compel the States of Florida, Ohio, companies such as Diebold, ESS et al to divulge, to a proper panel of experts, any and all hard drives, source code and compiled code that was in use on November 2, 2004 in Florida and Ohio voting systems, tabulating machines and/or the development of all software programs and/or all machines. The software prototype that Curtis claims to have created could also have been used on optical-scan counting and/or tabulating machines used in Florida in 2000. Something very, very wrong happened during this 2004 election. The public senses it and the mainline media intentionally avoids it. Congress must thoroughly investigate all claims made otherwise trust in our voting process and system of government will be destroyed. I quote John Bonifaz; “For the dignity of our nation; and for the dignity of ourselves; and for the memory of those who struggled before us, we must choose to fight.” If Congress doesn’t prosecute all parties involved in this gross malfeasance and series of illegal events then the citizens of this great country will find the solution."

-- from a Commenter only known as "G"

"Feeney “says he doesn’t remember” - this is GOP speak for - “thinks he can get away with lying, but wants to leave a safeguard in case he gets caught

--Comment by Must_B_Free

"Go easy on Keith. He’s better than a lot of the other reporting slime out there. If the world were filled with Keith Obermanns [sic] giving the news, it would be better than what we have now."

--from Comment by Anonymous

"If the mainstream media hasn’t jumped on this already it never will. The iron is hot yet the media doesn’t strike. Sorry to say it, but this is the beginning of the end of our democratic experiement.."

--from Comment by Jeff

"I don’t think it is a good idea to disparage Olbermann, as he is our only friend. Perhaps a better tactic would be to e-mail Keith and ask him to clarify his strategy."

--from Comment by acbalint

"He set himself up as the only reporter brave enough to report on the Election fraud, but all he’s done is treat anyone who comes forward as a tin foil hat nut job.."

--from Comment by Buckeye

"I have since come to realize that Keith Obermann isn’t trying to give our cause fair coverage. He is simply pacifying us. I get the impression that he is just like all the rest of the media, (rolling his eye’s in exasperation). Hopefully I’m wrong! But I really don’t think so. I for one am not directing anyone his direction any longer. No coverage is better then bad coverage."

--from Comment by J.C.

"Disgruntled employee” always deserves a second look because more and more it is the Republican response to whistleblowers. Richard Clarke, former counterterrorism boss, was called a disgruntled employee when he wrote his book AGAINST ALL ENEMIES. Paul O’neill, ex-Secretary of the Treasury, likewise. Where there is a Republican-named “disgruntled employee” there is no doubt smoke. Where there’s smoke, we’re going to find fire."

--from Comment by Robert Locke