Monday, November 08, 2004

Will Liberal Tradition Survive Bush?

Will Liberal Tradition Survive Bush?
"We will soon discover the meaning of the old warning "Be careful what you wish for…....For those who are worried that four more years of Bush are going to be really awful, relax in the knowledge that at least Kerry won’t be blamed for it..."
Karen Kwiatkowski, The Real Way Ahead, Lew

"The world was waiting hopefully for the sensible American people to rectify the ill-advised actions of a rogue neoconservative administration. Instead, Americans placed the stamp of approval on the least justifiable military action since Hitler invaded Poland. In the eyes of the world, Bush’s reelection is proof that Ariel Sharon’s neoconservative allies in the Bush administration speak for America after all. The world’s sympathy for America that followed the September 11 attacks has been squandered. If the US suffers terrorist attacks in the future, the world will say that America invited the attacks and got what it asked for...The world is amazed that Americans do not care that they have been deceived, lied to, and incompetently led and that Americans have chosen to continue along this path. Bush’s reelection has ended forever respect for America. New and unflattering sobriquets for Americans are emerging. The American century is over."
Paul Craig Roberts, An Election That Will Live In Infamy, for American Unity

"..The missing piece in all of this [re: the presidential election] is the forgotten liberal tradition, which affirms the dignity of all human life, believes in the rights of all, and fights for freedom against the never-ending attempts by government, all government everywhere, to restrict and destroy it. The liberal tradition believes that individuals and society can work out their own problems in the absence of top-down management. It denies to government any role in managing the nation or the world. It embraces private property, cherishes freedom of association, and sees peace as the mother of civilization. The great intellectual strain of this liberal tradition spans 500 years and longer, and has survived every onslaught from left and right, and will continue to do so. It is the liberal tradition to which we owe the world's prosperity and well-being, all technological innovations, and improvements in health, housing, nutrition, and information distribution. The liberal tradition will continue to thrive, but with no help from the elites in power."
Lew Rockwell, Liberty Yet Lives,