Thursday, September 18, 2003

My darkest moments when considering Wesley Clark--
Serbia 1999
General Wesley's Got Some 'Splainin' to do

There are going to be a lot of hard questions coming from the right in the next few months about both the Waco David Koresh) incident and about NATO operations in Serbia, 1999.

They are questions that I admit are valid and need to be brought to light.

Waco should still bother more than just the ugly right-wingers and the "wacky militia types".

There's a lot of dust America likes to sweep under its carpet.

A genuine patriot cannot let untruths be swept under or go on existing as untruths.

I'll be listening closely to General Clark's replies to the hardest questions.

I dreamt last night that General Clark came to power in this nation and was revered as a hero and a savior of a land that had nearly died from division. In my dream, there was a nation of angry, divided souls without geographic dividing lines from which to create "sides". In the dream, I knew there would never be another conceivable civil war...only chaos and eventual apathy with a citizenry too tired and helpless to resist the money-machine dictatorship of those who disdain the democratic ideals of our forefathers. Our beloved nation, a wee shadow of its former self, was beaten down to
a neo-monarchy...not a lot dfferent from the tyranny from which we had triumphed long ago.

I awoke and wondered if enough people today consider this nation worth saving?
Most people you speak with could care less about what's happening with the powers-that-be in this country.
The ones who DO care are so deeply divided that I can see my dream coming true.
America will die soon..she's on a terminal course.

The only way General Clark can mend us, in my opinion, is to show us that war is an obsolete concept...and that world cohesion does not mean relinquishing your nation's best interests or unification.

We good people of this world all need one another, regardless of our borders.
We need a leader who has integrity and vision for a peaceful and cooperative world.
More than anything, the people of our nation (as well as the people in this world) need an American leader they can trust.

With the shady, lying Bush administration who obviously harbor contempt for the poor in their own country, we don't have leadership we can trust.

Could a man with a military background accomplish something like this?

Will he be able to explain his past without glossing over the hard facts? If he can't, he won't gain my complete trust.

Can he transform these corporations into businesses who will develop alternative energy technologies and 21st-century peace-keeping apparatus?

General Clark is an economist as well as a military man. His upcoming speech on the economy should be very interesting.

But he really has a lot of explaining to do about Waco and Serbia.

My ears are open. If he is right for this country, I want him to succeed.