Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Oh, come on...
you know I'm only joking.....

Ousting Bush: One Person Makes a Difference

Ousting Bush: One Person Makes a Difference

I enjoyed reading n todd's article about his experiences as a volunteer for the Dean campaign.
The League of Liberals also mentioned n todd's piece today at their website.

As I write this, I'm putting on my boots and heading out the door to collect signatures for Dean in New York.

The Des Moines Register has put Gov. Dean on top of the heap after the debate on Monday night...Wes Clark coming in second.

"....Clark's performance will likely renew talk that he would make a good running mate with Dean. He could provide national-security credentials to a ticket headed by the Vermonter..."

This is the "dream team", my friends.
It's what I've been saying for quite a long time.

Howard Dean and Wesley Clark are the faces of the Democratic party as we stand here in 2003 looking out to the
horizon. The future of our America will rest safely in their patriotic hands. They understand what our forefathers understood. America is only as good as the strength and good determination of its people.

The shame of the Bush administration is their clear determination to take government from the hands of individual people like you and me...instead to place our government in the hands of corporations, the special interests, the wealthiest 1%, and the Richard Perles and Douglas Feiths who make the plans that will tragically result in your son (or daughter) going off to a foreign land to die or to be maimed for their friends' greed.

I'm just one little voice.
Howard Dean has convinced me that I am going to make a difference.

I know I must try.

There is a real and present danger here, my brothers and sisters.
Four more years with the Bush administration could mean grave danger for the security of not only
our own nation, but the entire world.

We must stop pushing an agenda of arrogance and disinterest toward the opinion of the civil world.

The Universe is fair and the Universe is balanced by an unseen God. I believe this to be true.

The Universe does not care what Brit Hume or Judy Woodruff thinks. In the grand scheme, the Universe
does not care about Tawana Brawley, about whom Tom Brokaw and MSNBC seem to fret so much.

It's time to get ask the questions that cut to the heart of matters that matter.

As for me, it's simply time to go to work for Howard Dean.

It starts with a simple knock on my neighbor's door.....

I hope you will do what you can do today for the candidate of your choice.

The son-of-a-Bush is destroying American democracy as he makes democracy his personal whore in foreign lands.