Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Few people know how
to take a walk.

photos by Iddybud

The qualifications are endurance,
plain clothes, old shoes,

an eye for nature, good humor,
vast curiosity, good speech,
good silence,
and nothing too much.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bush to Sign Partial Birth Abortion Bill

Bush to Sign Partial Birth Abortion Bill

How neat..clean...sterile.

Ooops...this one's a bit too yucky and real.
Like the photos of dead soldiers and civilians.
Get rid of it--quickly!

I support Bush's move on this one.

Trust me, I would fight until I could fight no longer if a woman's right to choose was truly threatened.

Partial birth abortion is murder.

All emotion and partisan politics aside...when you pull out a late-term living human entity and stab it with a steely instrument in order for it to die a painful death, it's murder.

I can't find another name for it.

It's the Achilles' heel of the Democrats. They too often pander to the far-left political groups who tend to forget
what is actually happening when a name for a procedure sweetens over the fact that a bona fide killing is taking place.

NeoCon Controversy

There is one line in this article with which I totally disagree.

It goes:

"Iraq was far more of a threat to the U.S. than a civil war in a far-away province of Yugoslavia. President Bush got the support of Congress for the Iraq war."

It betrays the writer as biased...definitely partisan.

That "far-away" province wasn't so "far-away" on today's global scale.

Make no mistake about this:
An unstable Europe would have allowed for an increase in the strength and activity of Middle Eastern WMD proliferation..right under our eyes.
As the writer himself admits, the Kosovo war, for all the civilians killed, has not stopped murderous desire and hatred amongst the Serbs and ethnic Albanians.

Perhaps Saddam would have actually had WMDs if we were caught up in the middle of an implosion of Eastern Europe.

As in this unjust and ugly Iraq folly, the Kosovo war was just another example of how twisted and result-aberrant the very idea of WAR actually is.

But I will say this:

The rest of this piece deserves a reading.

Any vague reliance upon NeoCons (aka the New Crusaders) will be a danger to America's survival.

Karen Kwiatkowski

Karen Kwiatkowski

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