Monday, March 31, 2003

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DSEA/Patriot Act II:
This is why the "Anti-American" rhetoric is being passed on and abused by the NeoConservative Right and the Media that Loves Them:

"If massive protests continue after U.S. bombs start pounding Iraq, expect the anti-war movement to be lambasted by President Bush’s pro-war minions. Radio and television pundits will crank up the volume, labeling protests un-patriotic and anti-American. Some may equate dissent with treason. Expect long-winded, one-sided debates on the Fox News Channel, MSNBC and CNN focusing on the nature of treason.
With even the mildest congressional condemnation of war with Iraq stifled, the Bush administration will take advantage of a jingoist climate and try to rush through the Justice Department’s newly drafted “Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003,” aka PATRIOT Act II. This draconian measure would expand the government’s powers to gather intelligence on the home front; increased surveillance and the prosecution of American citizens could become the order of the day."

My Thoughts On Bush's Poorest Choice

Excerpt from My Post:
"I think we should discuss the fact that
this president was far too hasty in getting the US into this war...for the wrong reasons...based upon very bad counsel..and rest assured, I am not blind to the fact that there are sound moral reasons...for you are now witnessing a "choosing" (if you will) of a final "reason" after all the other myriad (failed)reasons were laid upon us day after day after day. I think Bush may have finally landed on a good reason to justify a perfectly horrid one.
While he may be credited in history for helping out some Iraqi citizens and creating new jobs for them (which is better than can be said about him in his own nation), we will have increased the propensity for great violence from the Islamic world toward our very own people.
Since we have entered this unwise
war-adventure, I would not wish to see Saddam Hussein stay in power.
There are perfectly sound moral reasons for his removal.(And always have been).
The poorly planned and anti-UN war is my well as the blatant ignorance of the man that is supposed to be leading us...he has relied upon the wrong counsel...ADMITTEDLY so! He's letting his AIDES take the fall for him!! He admits he's been a puppet.
We fire brutally honest men like Peter Arnett who state the obvious (granted, I'm sure talking to Iraq TV was NOT in his contract!!)"

Link to Charlotte Observer story

D. Allan Kerr: Unused freedom isn’t worth much


"Leaders have long known that one of the best methods of uniting a people is to have a common enemy upon which we can focus our hate, as illustrated famously in George Orwell’s "1984." A certain segment of the U.S. population seems to have a wealth of targets for their hate these days, be it the Axis of Evil, our old ally France, or Hollywood celebrities speaking out against the nation’s policy on Iraq.
Country singer Charlie Daniels, who hasn’t had a decent song in 20 years and surprised me by being alive, called these celebrities "some of the most disgusting examples of a waste of protoplasm I’ve ever had the displeasure to hear about." The other day I heard a bunch of morons on a local radio station talking about obtaining a French-made car for the sole purpose of demolishing it, in order to express their displeasure with France’s opposition to this war. I don’t know if they ever did it, because I got tired of listening to them.
These people were, at least, treating the situation as something of a joke. But when stations organize the destruction of someone’s recorded music because she has voiced an opinion on international events, it’s not just stupid, it’s scary. Hearing stories of CDs publicly destroyed and music censored sounds to me too much like the old Nazi book burnings of a few decades ago."