Sunday, February 27, 2005

Syracuse Blogs

Syracuse Blogs

I have taken advantage of a great new service providing free blog publishing.


My new Syracuseblog, HEY JUDE, will make link-connections to many local Syracuse-community bloggers as well as other New York State blogs.

I've also been researching blogs in Syracuse. Here is a partial list:

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David Metraux


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Larry Roux


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BooGuy Comics



Semi-Intelligent Thoughts

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Clearing Away The Fog

Sarah Kennedy

Ian Garatt

Cicero Commons

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CNY Traveler

Rational Liberal

Cazenovia, NY

Parish, NY

Movie Boy

Music Reviews

Auto News

Knicks Clicks

Big Blue Blog


Orange Juice

Orange Pros


More On Gannon / Propagandagate

More On Gannon / Propagandagate

Raw Story has an update on the Propagandagate issue. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has broken her silence, granting an interview to Raw Story.

This week, Jay Rosen said:
"Now the trail has led to Jeff Gannon, and In the Press Room of the White House that is Post Press. As far as I'm concerned, it is all one story. But I do not pretend to understand it yet."
I agree. The Right began their push to turn free press into a tool for their propaganda over 20 years ago, and dismantling their "handiwork" will take a lot of committed concentration and effort on the part of citizens like you and me. It has become apparent that we cannot depend upon the mainstream media to save themselves.

If there's one thing that's certain, it is that any person who holds a strong conviction regarding a truly free press will need to be vigilant in days, months, and perhaps years to come.

Jeff Gannon (aka James Dale Guckert) was only a drop in an ocean of right-wing propaganda which has been employed, whether directly or not, by the Bush administration like no other administration in the past.

Any self-respecting American with a healthy respect for freedom and truth, regardless of their respective political party, should be ashamed to defend the participatory destruction of the "Fourth Estate" by this White House.