Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Ripped Off...Suckered


US paid $1m for 'useless intelligence' from Chalabi , Buncombe, Independent UK

".... Information from Iraqi defectors made available by Ahmed Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress before the US invasion was of little or no use, a Pentagon intelligence review shows..."

**How does it feel paying your taxes for a crook's disinformation?**


Blair suckered his party into an unnecessary war , Clark, Guardian UK

"...the only thing bold about the last year was the brazenness with which Blair suckered his party into an unnecessary war. "

**It's not only Blair. I think we Americans were suckered, too..don't you?**



Big Increase Seen in People Lacking Health Insurance

"... The number of people without health insurance shot up last year by 2.4 million, the largest increase in a decade, raising the total to 43.6 million, as health costs soared and many workers lost coverage provided by employers, the Census Bureau reported today..."

**Have you checked your policy lately? Do you still have a policy?**



House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's backroom talk about drilling for oil in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is distressing.

"..It is the first time a prominent drilling advocate had openly acknowledged an intention to use the refuge as "precedent" for unbridled oil exploration..."

Oil Of DeLay

**Is America Tom DeLay's dirty whore?**



Meteorite crash causes Indian panic

"....Hundreds of people in the state of Orissa panicked when a fireball streamed across the sky and burning fragments fell across a wide area.
The fragments destroyed several houses..."

**Wouldn't YOU panic? I mean..the sky really IS falling.**

Rove: King of Destruction Self-Destructs

King of Right Wing Destruction Machine Goes A Step Too Far..
Trips Over Self and Into
Garbage Can of Inhumanity
From Whence He Came

Sept 30 2003
The Truth is Puttin’ on its Shoes: An Inquiry Into the "Innocent" Mr. Rove

"...Rove’s temper has always been his weak spot. He cannot seem to control his anger. When Ambassador Joseph Wilson wrote in the New York Times that there was no truth to the allegations that Iraq had tried to purchase yellowcake uranium from Niger, Rove is said to have gone "ballistic." No one who has known Rove for any period of time doubts that Rove was the one who orchestrated the leak, which "outed" Ambassador Wilson’s wife as a CIA agent. Rove has always made sure that his enemies knew he will strike back, and swing with deadly power..."

See BUZZFLASH for some of the best coverage of the vengeful and treasonous burning of Valerie Plame.



The Most Insidious of Traitors
By William Rivers Pitt
t r u t h o u t | Perspective
Tuesday 30 September 2003

".....Also, the fact that this data came to the Washington post from a White House official means that another Deep Throat may have just been born.

The White House has denied the allegation, and promises a full investigation. A great many people find it laughable to believe this White House is capable of investigating itself, and are demanding an independent investigation. A quick look at the White House telephone logs will reveal who called whom, and when. It may well be the case that Rove was not involved; there are several administration officials - Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Rice, Card - along with a constellation of administration associates and media mouthpieces, who had a vested interest in shutting Ambassador Wilson's mouth. The White House phone logs will be revelatory. If this administration fails to hand those logs over, they will stand in taint of high treason.

J'accuse. ..."

Mission Accomplished??

Mission Accomplished??

"..Liberians voiced muted thanks Tuesday for U.S. Marines sent to the war-ruined country
but also were dismayed at their silent, final withdrawal..."

"..U.N. officials and others had urged the United States to maintain a military presence here, such as troops to help train a new Liberian army.

"..If the Americans are leaving, it's too bad,'' said Saa Thomas. ``But we can only say thanks that they set foot on Liberian soil...''


"Some aid workers have criticised the American decision to leave before the UN force is fully established.

They say the early departure could jeopardise the Liberian peace process..."


Can we do more?
See: Jesse Jackson pushes aid for Liberia

Krugman: Will they EVER change their ways?

Critics to Bush Administration:
"You got to change your evil ways...
before they stop lovin' you....
Oh, wait...
they never loved you to begin with..
Whoa, dudes, like...
you've really got to change."

Who's Sordid Now?
By Paul Krugman
NY Times
Published: September 30, 2003

".....the cost of the occupation is exploding, and military experts warn that our army is dangerously overcommitted. Yet officials are still allowing Iraqi reconstruction to languish, and the disaffection of the Iraqi public to grow, while they steer choice contracts to their friends. What makes you think they will ever change their ways?"
From Eschaton blog: "Who Burned Valerie Plame?"

"Pass the popcorn and get out the handcuffs. This is going to be fun."