Sunday, August 15, 2004

Presidential Debate Schedule

Presidential Debate Schedule

It's here.

No times listed yet; only dates and locations.

First debate- Sept. 30 at the University of Miami, moderator Jim Lehrer, anchor of PBS' "NewsHour.

Second debate- Oct. 8, town hall-style meeting format at Washington University in St. Louis. Undecided voters, picked by the Gallup Organization, will question the candidates. Moderator: Charlie Gibson, co-anchor of ABC's "Good Morning America".

Third debate- Oct 13, Foreign policy will be the focus of the third and final debate at Arizona State University in Tempe. Bush and Kerry will again sit around a table, and CBS "Face the Nation" host Bob Schieffer will be the moderator.

VP Debate- Oct 5, at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, moderated by "NewsHour" correspondent Gwen Ifill. It will feature Vice President Dick Cheney and his Democratic opponent, Sen. John Edwards, sitting around a table and discussing a wide range of topics. There also will be a question-and-answer period.

Know Your Bushisms?

Know Your Bushisms?

Part Three is here. If you haven't tried Parts One and Two yet, there's a link at the site. Take the quiz. Tell me how you do!

Wacky Andy Martin Attempts to Defame Obama

Wacky Andy Martin attempts to defame Barack Obama

Freepers rejoice at the odd news

The 51-year-old wacko conservative with addresses in Florida nd Illinois named Andy Martin -aka Anthony Robert Martin-Trigona- (who ran an ad in 2000 accusing GW Bush of taking cocaine) is now actually trying to make people believe Barack Obama is a "threat to the Jewish community" because of his name's Muslim roots. That's a laugh, people. Now I've heard everything. Barack was actually named for one of the most beautiful words in the Arabic language, "Baraka". Baraka means "blessed", as Baruch means in Hebrew. Obama is an avowed Christian, regardless of the roots of his name.

If you met a man named Da'ud, Arabic for the Hebrew name David, would you run and hide? Gee, I hope not. That might be called extreme prejudice and irrational fear.

Isn't this whole thing incredibly stupid? Are you insulted that this would even make any form of news?

I saw the sick puppy-Freepers getting all excited about it at

I ask again: Why does this crap rate as news?

This is the same Andy Martin -aka Anthony Robert Martin-Trigona- that the Illinois Supreme Court refused to admit to the bar because of a military psychiatric exam that allegedly found him to have personality defects that include delusions involving both paranoia and grandeur.

Stranger yet, Martin's Obama-attacking press conference will be held at Temple Emanu-El in London, England!

Blogger becomes infamous media star

Blogger becomes infamous media star

The Washington Post magazine has Washingtonienne (Jessica Cutler) on its front page.

As a female political blogger, I am rendered speechless, which is out of character for me, as anyone who knows me will tell you.

Media always seems to go for the tawdry and sensational, especially when it comes to women.

Pandering to gossip-mentality may be the reason we have Bush in the Oval Office (ie: 'Gore says he invented the internet') and it may be why bloggers will not be properly credited for our (largely unpaid/unrewarded) hard work and dedication.

When media wises up, perhaps our democracy will spring back to an intelligent, sane and healthy life.

Until then, I'll be blogging and I definitely will not be holding my breath.

Mr. Kerry, please write the N.Y. Times

Mr. Kerry, please write the N.Y. Times

In today's editorial, the N.Y. Times believes the public may not be comfortably settled with John Kerry's explanation that he authorized an invasion of Iraq in October, 2002 under the presumption it would not happen. They say that, "after nearly two years of working with the Bush administration, Congress had a very good idea of how Mr. Bush viewed the world".

This is an echo of my own previous writings.

George Will wrote about it in the summer of 2002. Mr. Will said, at that time:
"What is under way is without precedent in U.S. history. It is a methodical and semi-public preparation for a massive military operation to achieve an aim frequently proclaimed at the highest levels of government. The aim is to compel a change of regime in a nation that is intensely and increasingly menacing as it strains to achieve the capacity for attacking American interests."

It was common knowlege that Mr. Bush planned to take us toward this pre-emptive war, and it was obvious he was doing it firmly and without sincere regard to further U.N. inspections.

Last week I recommended that Mr. Kerry write a piece for the N.Y. Times to clarify his position. Today, the Times advises that they would like to hear from Mr. Kerry as to how the events of the last year have changed his own thinking.

It's time, Mr. Kerry.
There could be no better time.
Write the New York Times.

The election is yours to win or lose.

Did Second String al Qaeda Outsmart Us?

Did Second String al Qaeda Outsmart Us?
It seems that the digital intelligence the terrorists possess is constantly traveling out ahead of our nation's own abilities. The knowledge helps to facilitate their overflowing funding from clandestine sources.
Will this be the aftermath of our nation falling so far behind in the educational fields of math, engineering and science?

This is new information from TIME. A newly revealed terror-summit occurred under our investigative noses in Pakistan in March, 2004. Radicals from around the globe attended. TIME writes that the summit occurred in a "lawless" region of Pakistan.

Four years after 9/11, why is any part of Pakistan still "lawless"? Is the war in Iraq making our nation economically and militarily incapable of outsmarting al Qaeda and their worldwide allies?

Florida's own Wahhabist el-Shukrijumah (who's been compared to Elvis due to his elusive nature) is our newest known 'homegrown terrorist'.

The Bush Administration is boasting that they arrested 12 of these people. Do we think that is the mark of booming success? Really?

I'm not sure I'd be boasting, knowing that a summit took place right under our noses a mere four months ago and most of the ringleaders are still at large.

We've seen the horror of which the first string was capable.

Where goes a second string, so goes a third.

Officials have said that the radicals' computer files were heavily encrypted, indicating significant sophistication within their network. It seems that the digital intelligence the terrorists possess is constantly traveling out ahead of our nation's own abilities. The knowledge helps to facilitate their overflowing funding from clandestine sources.
Will this be the aftermath of our nation falling so far behind in the educational fields of math, engineering and science?

Have we ever entertained the thought that pointing our children in the direction of an engineering degree (while strengthening our priority on improvement of the funding and quality of education) might be patriotic when considering the potential of the much-needed improvement of America's intelligence capabilities? When will we put our government money where our mouths are and put as much money into education as we put into the military?

We need intelligence to fight al Qaeda. Force alone will never, never do the trick.

We need the Bush administration (and Kerry's, if applicable in November) to get on the stick in the field of Education, Foreign Policy, and especially Homeland Security.

There are gaping opportunity areas. They are bleeding like open wounds.

Those 9/11 Commission recommendations are looming larger than ever.