Saturday, September 13, 2003

Michael Kinsley column: An Apology Would Help

I found this to be a well-written column. I can't help but to agree with Mr. Kinsley.
Kinsley points out the fact that Mr. Bush--lacking honesty, grace, and high-mindedness--appears to prefer falsehood and pride over regret or truth.

".....What's going on here is something like lying-by-reflex. If the opposition accuses you of saying the world is round, you lunge for the microphone to declare your passionate belief that it is flat. Or maybe it has something to do with the bureaucracies that political campaigns have become. The truth, whatever its advantages, is messy and out of control. A lie can be designed by committee, vetted by consultants, tested with some focus groups, shaped to perfection. Anyone can tell the truth. Crafting a good lie is a job for professionals....."

".....This $87 billion request is a minefield of embarrassments, through which a simple "We got it wrong" would have been the safest route. After all, Bush either knew we'd be spending this kind of money for two or more years after declaring victory and didn't tell us -- or he didn't realize it himself. Those are the only two options. He deceived us or he wasn't clairvoyant in the fog of war. Apparently Bush would rather be thought omniscient than honest, which is a pity, since appearing honest is a more realistic ambition. Especially for him....."

David Kay

Kay scheduled to feed America more bullshit

In my opinion, David Kay is not to be trusted--he has positioned himself as the definitive 'anti-Scott Ritter'--
and to be honest, when the smoke clears, I simply believe Scott Ritter is the honest one of the two.
Kay is a symbol of gullibiity, innuendo, deception, and mistrust.
It hurts to know that he stands to make money off his new deceptive report.
If you consider this "new report" closely, all he is saying is that he and the Bush administration
were nothing more than gullible saps for believing those who informed them about pre-war Iraq.
Boy, oh boy, do I ever feel more confident in our American leadership NOW!

".....officials are beginning to spread the word that Kay's team is prepared to claim that the Hussein regime purposefully "spread nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons plans and parts throughout the country to deceive the United Nations." Citing senior Bush administration and intelligence officials, the Globe reports that Kay will argue that after hoodwinking the UN inspectors, Hussein would quickly reassemble all the information and materials and "manufacture substantial quantities of deadly gases and germs."

The loyal David Kay appears poised to hand in a report marked by speculation, innuendo and circumstantial evidence. Kay's September surprise: He morphs into a weapon of mass deception..."

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Do we recall how Kay was fired from his UN/IAEA job because of his connections with the U.S. intelligence community?
Think of how BAD that intelligence has turned out to be, to boot. And we trust Kay now? -- WHY?!


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