Sunday, October 29, 2006

Introducing The Sole of Africa Campaign

Introducing The Sole of Africa Campaign

A Message From Mike Kendrick; Founder of Mineseeker

Landmines kill, maim, terrify and starve the population. There are over 100 million landmines buried beneath the surface of this planet. Every twenty minutes a land mine kills or maims someone… usually women and children. They render over 800 thousand square kilometers of land useless and terrify millions of people who live in constant fear.The cost to human life is horrific and the economic effect is devastating. This is not an act of God, or a natural disaster - It is a man made disaster that is bigger, in terms of lives lost, than civil disruption and economic deprivation, including the Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina or the Pakistan earthquake.

Using current technology and strategies, it has been estimated that it could take up to 600 years to rid the planet of these devices. It takes a mine clearance operative one day to clear 40 sq meters. However, the Patrons of Mineseeker discovered a new technology that was available that could condense the removal of landmines to the next fifty years. This ground-penetrating radar, when carried on a stable aerial platform, can scan the ground at 100 meters per second. This technology, developed by the British MOD, has been licensed to Mineseeker for humanitarian de-mining. We deployed the system in ravaged Kosovo and tested it in live conditions. The results were spectacular. This system can fix the problem within our life time. While Mineseeker will liberate the designated landmine areas, it will not stop there. We have introduced the 'Sole of Africa' campaign to make sure that the land is used to grow crops, feed the local population and, most importantly, to empower the people. We intend to take the land and form a cooperative, dividing the land into small farm units.

This cooperative will teach the local population to, sow, grow, harvest and sell the produce. We have formed an association with leading not-for-profit organizations including 'Feed the Children' and The International Youth Foundation to provide a 'Foster Management' to create a workforce and training to farm the land and sustain the development of the land.

We have identified Mozambique and Angola as two areas of outstanding need and will concentrate on those areas until the project is completed. The 'Sole of Africa' logo is a poignant reminder of the job at hand, as it shows just one foot print: Most mine victims that survive only have one foot, so this shows a footprint in the earth… the earth we intend to release back to the people.

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Press Releases

09.15.06: Stellar Cast is Joining The Sole of Africa Campaign

08.06.06: Mineseeker to supply new cost effective AIDs tests to Africa

07.07.06: Mineseeker delivers new limbs to Maputo amputees

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Novak Pretends to Know What Dems Are Thinking

Novak Pretends to Know What Dems Are Thinking
Opines on Race Rather than Individual Conscience to Make Baseless Predictions

Hopping on the bandwagon of the moment, conservative columnist Robert Novak buys into the latest hype over Barack Obama, thinking he has a finger on the pulse of how Democrats will vote in the 2008 primaries long before any potential candidate has even declared their intentions:
Neutral Democratic political operatives believe the emergence of Sen. Barack Obama as a 2008 presidential candidate after his performance on NBC's ''Meet the Press'' may do less damage to front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton than to John Edwards.

Former Sen. Edwards' campaign strategy is focused on the South Carolina primary, but Obama figures to do well with African-American voters comprising about 40 percent of that state's Democratic primary vote. Obama also could threaten Edwards in the tip-off Iowa caucuses, where polls have shown Edwards leading Clinton.
Note his cautious use of the modifiers "May" and "Could." He uses race - sheer race - to predict how individual South Carolinians will decide. He hasn't got a clue. He's certainly not a Democratic insider - not many Democrats will confide in him - especially after what he did to Valerie Plame and her husband Joseph Wilson IV.

I've seen no indication that the appreciation that Iowans clearly have for Senator Edwards has been negatively affected by the presence and emergence of other Democratic leaders. Novak has provided no new polls or other solid estimation of public opinion to back up his hot air.

Where's the beef, Mr. Novak?

Bill Kristol's Full of Baloney on Election 2006

Bill Kristol's Full of Baloney on Election 2006

If any Republican wins on November 7, it surely will not be because of the Bush Republicans' great leadership on the Iraq war. It will be because of local politics.

On today's Fox News Saunday panel, the neoconservative cult's favorite journalistic representative William Kristol extended his fantasy that the upcoming election is to be a referendum on whether America is committed to winning the war in Iraq or whether they're not committed to winning the war. I think you'd have to be insane, at this juncture, to believe that this ridiculously false choice is what the referendum on Iraq will boil down to.

Americans want their nation to have a good and strong international reputation, credibility, and successful outcomes in all the efforts the U.S. government responsibly carries out. The troubling thing to voters is the fact that we've lost our standing as the influential superpower we once were and that the preemptive attack on Iraq was entered into impulsivley and irresponsibly. The proof of it lies in the fact that, out of the ever-changing [20+] rationales handed to the American people about going into Iraq, not a one of them has ever emerged as clear, justified, or accurate. We've been abused by stovepiped, cherry-picked intelligence and intentional misleading. We've been partisan rubber-stamped and voo-dooed to death on the Iraq war.

So, maybe Mr. Kristol isn't too far off. Maybe this election will be about whether or not we want to "win" as a united nation of people who want America to succeed. It's going to take a change - not a change in semantics about Republican war propaganda, but a substantial change toward a regaining of the good faith in a nation that was once a superpower in every sense of the word - not just a brute force fighting blindly against an enemy we can't see with no clear plan for victory.

The film character Rambo comes to mind - begging the U.S. government to give him a war he could win. I'll bet he'd have a lot to say about the war that William Kristol was dreaming of [see PNAC] until his fairy tale came real with the worst President in U.S. history at the helm. Why does Mr. Kristol think so many 2006 GOP candidates are running away from any connection with Bush this season?

Rambo would oust the Bush Republicans on election day 2006.