Monday, June 16, 2003


Just one look at the headlines from this hour and you can almost smell the fishy PNAC planning their next fishy preemptive war.

Are you ready for more lies? More war and destroyed lives for oil and I mean ' the furtherance of democracy'?

--UN calls on Iran to allow stricter nuclear inspections (AFP) - June 16 11:23 pm
--Iran sends official protest to US over "interference" (AFP) - June 16 7:51 pm
--Tehran has failed to report certain nuclear activities: IAEA (AFP) - June 16 7:50 pm
--Iran sticks to refusal to allow full IAEA nuclear inspections (AFP) - June 16 4:03 pm
--North Korea exports missiles to Iran by air (AFP) - June 16 3:28 pm
--UN nuclear agency meets in Vienna amidst concern over Iran program (AFP) - June 16 12:12 pm

"This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it.
Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise
their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember
or overthrow it.

Abraham Lincoln, First Inaugural Address / March 4, 1861

They're doing it to Gray Davis.
Trying to overthrow him.
Gray Davis didn't even lie blatantly to create fear and net support based on sheer falsity.. to send our troops to their death for oil ...
nor did Gray Davis, with his corporate associates, rob his State's citizens blind. We know who did.
Bush and Cheney helped to kill California's economy and rob and antagonize California's citizens by their secrecy and
complicity in their political facilitating of the energy scandals.

We, the people, refuse to rise up against the real economy-killers and war mongerers.

Yet we watch complacently as those who support the unelected killers overthrow democratically-elected victims.

Why are we afraid?

Have we forgotten who owns this country according to the sacred Founding documents?


I have to say this. It needs to be said.
If Hillary Clinton is not going to run in 2004..possibly the most important election in American history (the very LIFE of our
American democracy may depend upon it)...then she should get the hell off the stage and let the serious 2004 contenders into the light.
This is no time to play primadonna bookseller to the idiotic entertainment news media and all the dumbed-down gullible souls that follow that same
disgusting gossip-mill-journalism's every word.
The time for playing games is surely not now. I lose respect for her by the day. She ought to be running for President now when the country
really needs her if she is indeed serious. She is completely "patriotically incorrect" by telling us she may wait until 2008. That's like saying she expects and
hopes for a Democrat defeat this time around... simply because 'tis not HERSELF in the running!
Pfffflt! Hillary gets the raspberry of the day!!!

The road to Bush’s impeachment is open. All we need to do is follow it.

"The Bush administration wants to repackage the Iraq war as a noble war of choice. But that’s not how they sold it. Billions of dollars and thousands of lives were consumed based upon the determination stating that this was a war of necessity, to protect America and the world from a regime armed with WMDs...."


**He swears he didn't.**


"...Cheney's office repeatedly has said he had no role....."


... joining a fast-growing list of others....

such as:

-Karen Hughes (White House aide)
-Paul O'Neill (Secretary of the Treasury)
-Thomas White (Army Secretary)
-Richard Perle (Chairman, Defense Policy Board)
-Jay Garner (Reconstruction/Iraq Humanitarian Aid)
-Barbara Bodine (US coord. for central Iraq)
-Ari Fleischer (White House press secretary)
-Christine Todd Whitman (EPA Administrator)
-Rand Beers (White House counterterrorism adviser)
-Rosario Marin (U.S. Treasurer)
-General Eric Shinseki (Chief of Staff, US Army)
-John Brady Kiesling (US Diplomat / Greece)
-Martin Sullivan (Bush cultural advisor)
-Eric Schaeffer (head of EPA Regulatory Enforcement)
-General Tommy Franks (Commander/CENTCOM)
-Mitch Daniels (OMB Director)
-Larry Lindsay (Bush Chief Economic Advisor)