Monday, November 24, 2003

Anonymoses-League of Liberals- New Member

A new light shines in the halls of the League

A warm and hearty "Welcome!" to Anonymoses, the newest member of the League of Liberals.

Bring on the Culture War


We Just Can't Wait

Hard-core Conservatives won't vote for Howard Dean in 2004 (should Dean be nominated) because of his supportive stand on the issue of gay/lesbian civil unions.

That is not "news" in any way, shape, or form.

These Conservatives, however, do wish to demonize Howard Dean for his stand on the issue.

I really don't see this as a threat to Dean in 2004.

This nation is divided straight down the middle in an ideological sense.

With this Conservative group, we are talking about the people who are going to vote for Bush no matter what he does.
It has become virtually pointless to try to appease them.
Now is the time for bold civil reform.

Conservatives say Bush is a leader, a creator, that he is making history, that he works tirelessly, that he is reponsible...

He has already led the Liars Club by lying straight-faced about WMDs in Iraq, he has created a budget deficit to rival the depths of a bottomless pit, he has made history by losing so many of our jobs, he has worked tirelessly to break down pro-environmental standards, and he has been responsible for the destruction of U.S. support and credibility amongst the world community.

Obviously, nothing will change the minds of these
gullible people who allow the Liar-In-Chief's pandering to them flatter them into voting for more Constitutional abuse, fewer job opportunities, and further weakening of our nation's international stature.

I think the best thing they could possibly do is to make civil unions for gays a central issue in 2004.

Then perhaps we can make some meaningful history together by voting for a new leader who will
tirelessly and responsibly re-create the wonderful thing called "hope"...the hope that so many Americans (and their would-be supporters around the world) have lost because of Dubya Bush.

The most important facet of leadership involves the innate ability to instill hope in your constituency.

If the only hope Bush will be instilling in the 2004 campaign involves a weakening of States' Rights and the exclusion and discrimination of a certain group of Americans, (along with the disasters he has wrought since stealing the office of the Presidency), then I say: BRING IT ON.

He's sure to be flushed down the annals of history straight back to being the anus of Crawford.

Have a great liberal day!