Saturday, August 28, 2004

Do you remember the days in November...

Do you remember
the days in November...

"She is exactly what
everyone wants in a civil servant

---Sid Dinerstein, chairman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party, speaking about Palm Beach County elections ballot-designer Theresa LePore

If Election 2000 voters
in Palm Beach County are not presently senile
(no thanks to stunted stem cell research), they will
remember that they didn't vote for good old Pat Buchanan.

Republicans aren't any more senile than they were in 2000.
They are still every bit as much in love with
Theresa (Butterfly-ballot) LePore
as they were back then.

Peaceful Protesters Already Being Treated Shabbily in NYC

Peaceful Protesters Already Being Treated Shabbily in NYC

Photo: N.Y.Times

Helmeted officers dragged netting across Seventh Avenue and 14th Street to block the ride.

Disorderly bastards!

" was very
clear the police were upset
at how well the ride went
--Bill DiPaola, executive director of
'Time's Up!', an environmental group

"The cops said,
'Get out of here!' and I was
trying to get out and I was cuffed."

--Keith from Brooklyn

"I think (the arrests were)
ridiculous because no one was doing anything
malicious and there wasn't any violence from the bike-riders."

--Stephanie Law, Richmond, VA

Seattle Times Endorses Kerry

Seattle Times Endorses Kerry

The election of Kerry would sweep away neoconservative war intellectuals who drive policy at the White House and Pentagon. It would end the back-door draft of American reservists and the use of American soldiers as imperial police. It would also provide a chance to repair America's overseas relationships, both with governments and people, particularly in the world of Islam....

....he is head and shoulders above the incumbent.