Sunday, July 18, 2004

Anyone see OUTFOXED tonight?

Anyone see "OUTFOXED" tonight at parties?

I was shut out of my local party here in Syracuse. I tried contacting about it, carefully explaining to them that I would like to blog about the Greenwald documentary and the parties, and would they please get me in contact with the local host... but I guess they didn't care enough to get back to me.

So....did anyone see it? Care to report in about your experience?

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Iran: Bush needs to rein in Sharon/NeoCons now

Iran: Bush needs to rein in Sharon/Neocons now

Newsmax (Insider Report) and the Jerusalem Post are reporting that Israel is itchy and prepared to make pre-emptive strike upon Iran. Israel claims they have become "frustrated with the U.N.'s inability to get Iran to comply" with nuclear weapon inspections. How sickeningly familiar does this sound to you?

Where is America's leadership? Where is the CIA? Are the Michael Ledeens of the NeoCon group egging this on and/or throwing their secret support behind it? Would they like to see America join in the pre-emptive strike on Iran and leave Iraq far behind so the opposing civil forces in Iraq can "have at it" against one another?

What do you think will happen if loose-cannon Sharon attacks Iran? It doesn't help that our own loose-cannon president unleashed unnecessary fury upon Iraq, does it? It set a dreadful precedent.

Unless nuclear war occurs, there is no way our military could handle Afghanistan, Iraq and expect to succeed in changing the regime in Iran (along with keeping all our other commitments throughout the world). Is that where we're happily heading...toward a nuclear exchange?

Sounds crazy, you say? I'll tell you, my friends, nothing would surprise me anymore. In today's Washington Post, we're told that Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) plans to introduce an Iran liberation act this fall, modeled on the Iraq Liberation Act that mandated government change in Baghdad and the goals would be the same for Iran, including regime change.

Karl Rove is so thirsty for keeping his party in power that I think he'd suggest a new war as a good way to score a re-election. That's how much I (and millions of other Americans) trust our American leadership today.


In a somewhat related current story, The Tehran Times answers the question: Why did Iran agree to accept U.N. Resolution 598?

See U.N. Res 598


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A Sunday morning/Charleston, S.C.

I love Wonkette's Fashion Reports

I love Wonkette's Fashion Reports

I've got to tell of my guilty pleasures is reading Ana Marie's groovy Washington-wonk fashion-reports. I can just picture Ed Gillespie in that lime green polo shirt. It reminds me of a story one of my girlfriends told me about a blind date she once had. To her nearly worst-imagined horror, the man came to her door wearing a lime-green polyester leisure-suit(Pathetically, 20 years after they'd gone out of style). She wished she'd been blind the rest of the evening.

Teresa Heinz Kerry on Women/Politics

Teresa Heinz Kerry on Women/Politics

To the women of political-blogdom (some of whom are listed below), I offer Teresa Heinz-Kerry's recent words on the campaign-trail:

"It is long overdue that the opinions and knowledge of women be part of the governance of the world...I hope that at the end of this campaign and from next year on, no woman who ever ventures to give an opinion be called opinionated, and that instead she be called smart, thoughtful, or well-informed -- all of it, just like men. We have to cherish women, their health, their wellness, because a home without a healthy mother or wife is an unwell home."

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Robin Cook presses Allawi investigation

Robin Cook presses Allawi investigation

Former British foreign secretary Robin Cook has urged the International Committee for the Red Cross to investigate witness claims that Iraq's new prime minister Iyad Allawi killed six insurgents in cold blood at an Iraqi police station in June.

Iraq's Human Rights minister Bakhtiar Amin says he will investigate the allegations.

Not only does Rush Limbaugh believe the allegations about Allawi, Rush Limbaugh cheered Allawi's Saddam Hussein-like actions.

Yglesias on Iran/Joseph Wilson's Prediction

Yglesias on Iran/Joseph Wilson's Prediction

Reading Matthew Yglesias' blog entry this morning, the prediction of Joseph C. Wilson IV from over a year ago came to my mind:

"Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Joseph Wilson predicts the situation in Iraq will deteriorate so much over the next year Bush may resort to start another war in order to win the 2004 election."


TIME Magazine says the 9/11 Commission report will reveal 9/11 hijackers "passed through Iran", quite possibly without the government's knowledge or sanction.

Iddybud doesn't need to explain to anyone with half a brain that 9/11 hijackers "passed through the U.S.A." without the government's knowledge or sanction.