Saturday, March 13, 2004

"It is not raining.
Madrid is crying

--Jorge Mendez, a 20-year-old telecommunications student

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I was reading a blog called Resurrection Song and found this post about Madrid; about a new terrorist warning to the people in our own country; fears about future leadership of America. The (literal) bottom line was an expression of general fear about John Kerry winning the Presidency, thus taking the reins of leadership on the war on terror. I was left to wonder what the blogger's point was, in a most critical sense. The post generated a comment by a reader named Rae who said: "Just last night, while skimming Time, I had a sudden and terrible fear that Kerry might just win and I became momentarily horrified and afraid."

Fear should not keep a person from critically and rationally studying all aspects of the issue of National Securty and matters of State. I found this discussion to be fear-based and politically-tainted. I would hope we Americans could cross political lines and start talking about the issues. All we seem to be doing is spitting at one another. The people of Spain are a great example of unification which rises above the slimy realm of politics.

The Resurrection blog pointed the way to another blog called Colorado Conservative, where the blogger Darren talked about Madrid.
*I found it a meaningful coincidence that Darren offered a kind word about the safety of Syracuse University students. (Syracuse is my home--I offer a word of thanks to Darren).*
Darren's blog included an article about the Muslim fundamentalist group Abu Hafs' warning to the people of the United States. It said a widespread attack called "Winds of Death" was 90% "ready".

My thought was this: The war on terror is going to take longer than 4 more years. This is going to be a long haul, I'm afraid. 9-11 notwithstanding, terror has exacerbated--no, exploded- under the leadership of G.W. Bush. What happens in the next four years will guide the entire world to either a more beneficial solution or a fiery and explosive continuation of death of the innocent.

Stepping out of my political cloak, I am a human above all. I am angry in the feeling that I and my family are used as pawns. I want leadership that ties us together as an intelligently patriotic people. It takes more than waving the flag and cheering on unilateral "tough-guy" decisions about dropping bombs over nation-states. I honestly believe we need a better direction.

If not Kerry, then who in another four years? Because Bush won't be there, people. And what will you say then? There will be no one leader who presides over the war on terror when the smoke clears and all is said and done.
You'd best get used to that fact now and begin to study the actual issues instead of shivering and shaking and fretting about who's boss. Any American President is going to have to deal with terror. It's there.

Why are bloggers and political pundits using the United States' 9-11 and Spain's 3-11 for politics? In my opinion, our lives don't come at such a cheapened price.

The people of Spain spoke loudly in Madrid yesterday. My God, there were over a million of them all standing in that dark, rainy street melting away the dull of the afternoon with their array of colorful umbrellas. I have never seen the likes of that spirit here in the United States. What was the million-umbrella message the people of Spain were attempting to convey yesterday? I doubt these were people of any particular political stripe. No..I think this was a humanist cry to the powers-that-be, whether those powers are in the capitol cities and government seats of all nations or the power inside the widespread terror organizations.

Innocent people are tired of being used as the pawns in the power struggle.


UPDATE: EJ Dionne agrees--Socialist victory is statement against political manipulation